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Summer Albion League

To all Clubs who entered the Summer Albion League:

Sunday, 10th May, should have been the day of the first League match of the 2020 Season.   Under the circumstances in which we find ourselves, this League, along with so many other archery events, will not be taking place.
I hope you and your families are all safe and well.   Many of you will be in 'lock-down' as, indeed, are Roy and I.   Who would have thought it was going to last this long!

To those whose work means you cannot stay safe at home, your commitment is helping to make our isolated lives so much easier and I hope you know how much you are appreciated. 

Although all sport, holidays, everything that makes us get up in the morning, is on hold, it will get better and I am confident you will all be back as soon as allowed, doing the sport you love.

Please keep safe and, as the Queen and Vera Lynn said, "We Will Meet Again".

Kindest regards
ECAA League