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County Timing System

ECAA has a Danage Timing System as used at World Championships for the timing of World Archery rounds which can be hired by clubs in Essex and Suffolk (For clubs outside the County then please apply andyou will be given a quote with a price for the hire).

The system is stored at Rayleigh Archery Club where it will need to be collected from and returned to and is in 1, 2 or 3 wooden boxes

There is a deposit of £500 (in the form of a cheque which will not be cashed unless the system is damaged) for the hire.

The hire cost is £50 for an indoor shoot and £75 for outdoor

System Description

Booking The System

To book the system follow these simple steps:-

1) Check it is free on the calendar


2) Decide which size of system you want

3) Click here to generate a formatted email to send to the booking agent