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Red Tassel Award List

The Red Tassel is given in recognition of service to the County by reason of enthusiasm and practical work in the interests of archery in Essex.

This award is most highly prized in Essex archery, you cannot win it with shooting skill or short bursts of work for the County, only by long years of concentrated and unremitting ‘slog’

1955 B.T.Shortland
1955 Miss J.LeMay
1955 E.G.Baldwin
1956 W.E.Tucker
1957 Pilgrim Archers
1958 Miss J.Munroe
1959 Miss T.Davison
1960 G.Batcock
1962 T.Bradley
1963 G.J.Sibley
1965 J.Tarling
1975 J.Secombes
1975 B.C.Wright
1980 C.H.Wooff
1980 D.Hawkins
1981 Mrs.B.Huxtable
1983 Mrs.M.Hutchins
1988 D.Stanford
1991 Mrs.F.Wright
1991 Mrs.I.Major
1991 T.Major
1991 M.Smith
1991 T.Vaughan
1994 Mrs.B.Wooff
1995 J.Watchman
2005 Mrs.C.Stanford
2005 R.Frost
2005 A.Ikel
2005 J.Neal
2005 M.Skinner
2006 R.Hutchins
2006 C.Smith
2009 M.Pearce
2009 C.Bushell
2013 Mrs M. Pearce
2013 J. Willson
2018 M Vaughan
2018 A Purser


Many of the above named are sadly no longer with us having either passed away or left Essex archery but fortunately there are still people left who are willing to put in the many hours of work needed to ensure the County runs smoothly.