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Honorary Officers

Hon. Life Member Colin Wooff
Life Vice President Iris Major
Life Vice President Marlene Hutchins


Alan Munson
Vice President (2019/21) Maggie Pearce
Vice President (2020/22) Richard Pilkington

Executive Officers

Role Current Holder
Alex Purser
Vice Chairman
Mike Pearce
Honorary Secretary
Debbie Horn
Honorary Treasurer
Martin Skinner
General Member
Paul Clark
Coaching Group Representitive
Anna Heaven

Records Officers

Role Current Holder
Senior Records Officer
Mark Lawrence
Junior Records Officer
Tony King
Field Records Officer
Marion Saville
Flight / Clout Records Officer

League Officers

Role Current Holder
Andy Harris League Secretary
Marlene Hutchins
Outdoor League Secretary
Marlene Hutchins
Bray League Secretary
Dennis Saville
Compound League Secretary
Richard Pilkington
Longbow League Secretary
Maggie Pearce

Event Organisers

Role Current Holder
Clout Organiser
Clare Felgate
David Hilton
Field Organiser
Paul Clark
Indoor Organiser
Martin Skinner
Target Organiser
Laurence Easton
WA Organiser
Paul West

Team Managers

Role Current Holder
Team Manager
Sharon Lawrence
Asst. Team Manager
Tony King

Development Officers

Role Current Holder
Development Officer
Sean Fortune
Junior Development Officer
Brian Lock

Other Officers

Role Current Holder
Safeguarding Officer
Equipment Officer
Noak Hill
Web Manager
Richard Pilkington

Historic Officers

Click this link for a list of historic officers from the year 1951 to date