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Hello everyone,

I thought I’d take this opportunity to introduce myself as your new Chairman of Essex County Archery Association, but before I do I need to recognise three of those that have stepped down.

Alex Purser has been your chairman for the last 11 years and has worked tirelessly to develop the County body into what you have now. I want to personally thank him for his leadership and unfaltering hand on the tiller for the last 11 years. Fortunately, Alex’s hard work means we have a strong legacy to build on: unfortunately, Alex has left a strong legacy that I will attempt to live up to. Thank you for both Alex and hopefully we will see you shooting more.

Martin Skinner has been the County treasurer for 29 years, his focus on managing the County finances has allowed us to be financially secure and stable. The role of treasurer in any organisation is always a challenge you are both ‘the good and bad guy’. Martin has managed to navigate this role balancing this difficult position and as a body we owe him a huge debt of gratitude for his service. Thanks for the hard work and stewardship of the finances Martin.

Paul Clarke has fulfilled his term as County President and has passed on the baton; he has been a great President and I think all of us have enjoyed his support and input. Paul will still be a figure within the County body, he does not know that yet, but I may have plans for him. Thank you, Paul, you are an asset to the County.

The AGM minutes will highlight all the new officers and I welcome all of them into their roles as well as thanking those that have remained in post for another year.

So, I am the new Chairman, I was approached by a few County Executive members and would like to say asked, assumed was more the spin the put on it, I did give the role some thought. It’s a challenge not just for the reasons highlighted above but also the simple fact that I needed to have confidence I can fulfil the role whilst holding down a job. This does not only go for me but for every member of the County body, officers and those helping, but more importantly it is also important to recognise that all your Club committee members and helpers are volunteers – please support us all, where you can.

Six paragraphs in and we get to the introduction, some of you will know me – Seán Fortune – I am Chairman of West Essex Bowmen and have been shooting for about 8 years, I think. If you don’t know me, look for the twirly moustache, glasses and a walking stick or crutches – come and say hello. I have recently had to switch bow styles and start shooting on a support due to my condition. Many of you will say compound is moving to the dark side, but rest assured until April last year I shot recurve, longbow and horsebow. So, I can’t be all bad.

County Chairman as of 1 month, bear with me and the rest of the new officers whilst we acclimatise to the position, roles, and responsibilities; we have big shoes to fill but I am sure with the support of the Committee and the general membership we can build on the legacy we have.

The ECAA is here for you, we are here to support your clubs and help where we can build the sport in Essex. We as a body cannot do this without your support and involvement. So, here’s to the next year.

Best Regards,

Seán Fortune