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Sad Passing of Colin Woolf

We received this sad news this morning and will be posting any further information about the funeral as soon as we have it.

Hello, just reaching out to let you know that my father Colin Wooff passed away on 28th October at home, aged 93. 

He was a contributor to ECAA for many years and a red tassel awardee. He held pretty much every position on the County’s committee at some point during his life and was a great friend of Graham Sibley, Andy Harris, Bill Tucker and of course Brian Wright, Chris Smith and Tom and Iris Major. I understand that only a few of that illustrious list remain with us. 

I myself shot for my club, county and country as both a junior and senior member of ECAA when my name was also Wooff.

I now live in Australia and cannot travel back for his funeral and I have lost touch with the world of county archery, can you tell me if you place announcements or obituaries in your publications that I might be able to let people know and certainly ask those who might remember him if they would like to attend his funeral or like me, join an online webcast.

Many thanks,
Sue Dickson née Wooff