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Roy Collins – Obituary


Roy Collins

16th October 1939 – 14th June 2014

Roy joined Holdens Archers and very quickly established himself as a valued member of the club and took up the position of Records Officer for many years and a spell of 4 years as Chairman, which had to be relinquished through ill health.

As a qualified Archery Leader, he was involved not only with training new members with the club, but also took on the responsibility of training archery to those interested in taking up archery at Brentwood School, assisted by other qualified leaders from Holdens Archers and took training very seriously but with good humour, always organising a fun shoot at the end of term. He was also present at Open Days.

When Roy moved to Colchester, he would travel to Brentwood, sometimes 3 times a week to fulfil his commitments to the club. With a round trip of 60 miles, such was his dedication. He was made Honorary Member of Holdens and presented with a trophy shield as a mark of the high regard in which he was held by his fellow archers.

His interest in archery was proven when he wrote a tale for the now defunct “Essex Bowman”. Fourteen episodes were penned under the pen name Hob, only revealing himself at the last episode. The story involved the adventures of the fictitious Club named “Little Frumpington Archers” with headquarters in the local pub the Pig & Whistle. As a knowledgeable man, he was also devised and acted as Quizmaster at a number of quiz nights to raise revenue for the club.

Other interests were many & varied; he was a member of the “Guild of Essex Craftsman”, specialising in making miniature models. Also interested in ancient castles, he visited numerous throughout England. He was also a volunteer driver, taking disabled persons to their medical appointments

             He finally had to give up archery as he was no longer able to drive and his health deteriorated. He was admitted to Tendring Nursing Home, where he was taken good care until he finally succumbed to his illness, which he bore with great fortitude and with his usual good humour.

             Roy will be sadly missed by all who knew him at Holdens and all the archers in the clubs in Essex who knew him through tournaments and his writing in the “Essex Bowmen”.

Louis Gladwell (Club President)
& Alan Goodsman (Club Secretary)
Holdens Archers