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Just a reminder to all clubs that Sport England have a fund available to help support clubs who have lost money due to the current situation. 

If you should have been running competitions or beginners courses that would have brought in money, you can claim. 

At least 2 clubs in the county have already been successful in their claims.

Debbie Horn
Essex County Archery Association

To all Clubs who entered the Summer Albion League:

Sunday, 10th May, should have been the day of the first League match of the 2020 Season.   Under the circumstances in which we find ourselves, this League, along with so many other archery events, will not be taking place.
I hope you and your families are all safe and well.   Many of you will be in 'lock-down' as, indeed, are Roy and I.   Who would have thought it was going to last this long!

To those whose work means you cannot stay safe at home, your commitment is helping to make our isolated lives so much easier and I hope you know how much you are appreciated. 

Although all sport, holidays, everything that makes us get up in the morning, is on hold, it will get better and I am confident you will all be back as soon as allowed, doing the sport you love.

Please keep safe and, as the Queen and Vera Lynn said, "We Will Meet Again".

Kindest regards
ECAA League 

Deb (ECAA Secretary) took part in an online meeting today (30/04/2020) with other reps from SCAS and GWAA and some of the staff members from AGB.

The majority of the discussion was around reps asking questions which AGB will need to go away and answer at a later date, but there are a few points which I would like to share with you today.

These include:-

  • Funding from SportEngland for clubs to over losses
  • Range Registration Renewal Extensions
  • AGB Improve Your Game and Learning Curve for Archers
...continue reading "Information for Clubs and Archers"

Graham Hill from West Essex has been in touch to say that his garage was broken into last night and his archery kit stolen.

Please can you keep an eye on Ebay, Facebook selling sites etc for the following kit.

" The main items were a blue W&W CXT riser, Uukha 1000 34lb 68” limbs, blue W&W stabilisers, Shibuya sight, EASTON ACE670 arrows, Easton Quiver."

Debbie Horn
Essex County Archery Association

Please be aware that Abbey Bowmen are postponing their Abbey Open shoot on 24th May and that they will hopefully be able to reschedule it on Sunday 20th September in place of their Longbow/Barebow shoot.

Joe Cordaro said:

We hope by then that the current situation has passed but we will review again later this year should shooting bans not be lifted by then.

A copy of our entry form with revised date for placement is available on the website on the Tournaments & Records -> Events in Essex and Suffolk page

I will notify those archers that have already sent entry forms of the revised date.