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Congratulations to Braintree Bowmen archer Amelia Chumber who bags one of the first World Archery records for Barebow, WA 25m Cadet Women.

Amelia, having only just returned from competing at the Lancaster Classic in USA where she came 7th in the Women’s Barebow competition and 1st in the Cubs category, shot at the Tudor Archers WRS Valentine Shoot in February .

All barebow records were due for ratification on 1st April so it was a bit of a wait but knew her score was a winning one .

It was disappointing therefore when her record was missed from World Archery’s original records release. Archery GB worked around staff furloughs and all the other problems that the Covid pandemic has created to get the record recognised and finally confirmed.

It has been a tremendously successful year for Amelia and many thanks go to her Coach, Richard Burgess who has put in endless hours of training in developing Amelia’s archery and to Braintree Bowmen club and it’s archers for always being supportive and encouraging Amelia in all her endeavours.

Thanks also to Tudor Archers for putting on the WRS shoot.

All round success for ECAA

Asher Chumber (Amelia's Mum!)

Dear all, 
I'm sure it will not surprise you to learn that there have been further cancellations to shoots in the county due to the current situation. 

Abbey have had to cancel their shoot on 24th September, due to access issues.

Woodford have also had to cancel the Metric Clout this month.

Hopefully we will return to some semblance of normality soon, but in the meantime I will keep you up to date as I hear from clubs. 

Debbie Horn
Essex County Archery Association

This time, last year, I was gearing up to travel to Italy to take part in the European Masters Games, in Turin - seems impossible to imagine, in the current situation!

If you read my article last year you’ll know all about it!!

Anyway, in the outdoor competition, a 720 over 60m, I managed to set a new UK masters record and, finally, last week I received my certificate to prove it!!!

This is a new record, as the masters category has never been recognised in the U.K. before.

So I am proud to say I am the first to hold it 


Wendie King
Mayflower Archers

We have been asked to let you all know that Racketts have taken the decision to cancel both their October and December shoots. Unfortunately the club does not have a solid commitment yet from the school and so have had to make the decision. 

We will keep you updated about any other shoots in the county as we hear.