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Essex Ladies on Tour

Essex Ladies on Tour

The GNAM is the oldest archery meeting run by AGB which started in 1854 and is held every year over 3 days of competition at Lilleshall National Sports Centre.

This year a group of Essex Ladies (and a few men as well) attended and won many of the fantastic trophies which are available for the event.

Suzi Atkinson, Wendie King, Jes Sagoo and Emma Winning shot under very hot and windy conditions but as you can see their efforts were worth it.

They were not allowed to take most of the trophies away as they are so valuable being donated over the 150 continuous years of the meeting.

After shooting for 3 days the Ladies stayed on as part of the Essex and Suffolk Team at the National Team County Championships - details of how well they and the other teams did will be available soon.

Congratulations Ladies (and Chris Winning, Jason Pretlove and Chris Nunn) - looked like a fabulous time.