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A Family Connection Across Time

Grays archers are an old established club in Essex that was formed in 1952 and has been promoting archery in its local area ever since.  The club was originally a tennis club and its members wanted something to do in the winter months, the members tried archery and Grays Archery Club was formed.

In 1977 Bernard Day joined Grays Archers and became an active member for almost 13yrs.

As he became more experienced he took on the role of instructing the beginners and novices, he could often be seen around the club coaching and offering help to anyone who wanted it.

He liked to encourage both the young and more mature archer and tried to help them improve and to enjoy their archery.

When he died suddenly his Wife Doris donated the Bernard Day Memorial Trophy in his memory, the trophy is awarded for the most improved handicap of a novice at the club championships.  The trophy was presented by Doris for the first time in 1991 at the club championships.

Now move on to present day, a young novice archer called Samuel White aged 10 years and 8 months has been shooting since March 2014.  He has been improving every time he picks up a bow.  Samuel has now been awarded his third class classification badge and won his class at the club championships.

During the presentation the trophies were all awarded by the chairman of the club Malcolm Vaux. 

The Bernard Day memorial trophy was awarded to Samuel White.  When the trophy was presented there was the usual cheer and clapping from the crowd. Then there was a very loud cheer from Samuel's Gran (Sandra Pilgrim).  After a few tears and a few hugs and a few more tears and a few more hugs poor Samuel who was all squeezed out at this point and along with everyone else was very confused as to what all the fuss was about. 

Samuel's Gran explained to the crowd that the Bernard Day was her father and therefore was Samuel's Great Granddad.  She said he would have been very happy that his great grandson has taken up a sport that he had loved so much.  The legacy that Bernard has given has crossed the generations and the archery gene has been passed on.  One happy boy, mum and gran.

Steve Fortt (Grays Archers)