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70th East Anglian Championship Cancelled

The running of the 70th East Anglian Championship will have to wait until next year.

As Alan Drinkwater, the organiser, says:-

Very sad to announce that following the continued restrictions and uncertainty surrounding the Corona virus pandemic our organising committee has decided to cancel the tournament.   I have been in contact with AGB to gain their latest views and they are going to refund our UK record status and Rose award registration fee.  Our current intention is to hold the 70 anniversary of this shoot in 2021 on the 22nd August.

The format will be the same as we had planned for 2020.

When the lock down process commenced in March I had thought we might be back in action by the date of the tournament but alas we have all seen so many plans put aside so let us hope that there is some good news for the full resumption of our sport in the near future.