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SCAS is funding a Regional Development officer - Toby Andrews - and he has written down a quick paragraph on what he does:-

Regional Development Officer

The role of Regional Development Officer in its simplest form, is to support Archery Clubs in Essex and Suffolk in any way shape or form that I possibly can. The main things I can aid clubs with are helping find funding for projects, complete letters of support for funding bids, promoting events, building relationships, sourcing CPD opportunities and being an extra set of ears to talk to about club matters, amongst other roles and commitments to the SCAS region.

I am happy to take phone calls and if necessary organise meetings with clubs to discuss things in greater detail. 

Toby Andrews
Regional Development Officer
07809 863547

So if you or your club need any help then just get in touch with Toby.

On 29th & 30th of June, a team of 12 men and 3 ladies, represented Essex and Suffolk at the inter counties team competition held at Lilleshall, Shropshire.

Weather was very warm and sunny on Saturday and cooler but breezy on Sunday.

national_team - flag.jpg

Most of the team arrived on Friday to set up tents and have a practice in the evening.

Some of the team (Mark/Richard/Tony - Barebow, Bob - Longbow, Tony - Compound) had never shot in the team head to head format before, in this type of team event 3 archers must shoot 2 arrows each within a 2 minute timeframe.

Most of the teams managed to get some shooting practice in that evening, were happy with the shooting line up and had a chance to become familiar with the time pressures archers are under when shooting an arrow in 20 seconds!!

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