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Given the long break and that we are still unsure about what is happening later on in the year with regards to Tournaments then the old Events page has been replaced with a simpler table for now.

This way as we get information about events in Essex and Suffolk that are actually going ahead they will be added to the page.

The first one of these is the Abbey Open shoot which is now planned for Sunday 21st September 2021.

We also have the information for the SCAm which is due to be run between the 4th and 7th August 2021 at Waterside Archers.

Details of both of these can be found on the Tournament & Records -> Events in Essex and Suffolk page.

Hi All

Just to let you know that Racketts AC has now become an 'Outdoor' only club and is closed to new members.

Because we will be giving up our indoor shooting facilities we will not be holding any more indoor competitions, all a great shame but we do not have many club members and it's time for us to make changes.

Many thanks

Graham Radford
Racketts Secretary

Given the restrictions on shooting are likely to be removed on 29th March then it is probably time to think about the Compound Albion League for 2021.

There will not be matches in April (you will need time to remember how to hold the bow) but if teams are interested then we could start in May and run through to September or October for the final round of matches.

If any clubs are interested in competing in this then please ensure the online entry form is completed at:-

For more details the either look on the Tournaments & Records -> Leagues -> Albion Compound League page or contact the Organiser at