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Proxy Voting at AGB AGM

Dear all, 

I understand that the voting forms for Archery GB's AGM are beginning to arrive. 

As detailed in the previous minutes from the council meeting of 6th March, we have four members of the county attending the AGM this year. This means you have the option of who you would like to take the proxy vote for your club.

The four members attending are
Deb Horn - 1061805-
Paul Clark - 1000590 -
Marion Saville - 103454 -
Dennis Saville - 103453 -

Should you need any further details of the members attending, please contact them by email. If you have any questions about competing the proxy form for your club then please let me know and I will guide you through it.

Please remember that you have the option of either stating which way you would like to vote or leaving your vote open for your proxy to make the decision. This is completely your choice and should be shown on the form. It is recommended that you cross out the option for the chairman to cast your vote, but again this is your choice.

Hope that helps, and as I say, if you have any questions please let me know. 

Essex County Archery Association