27TH March 2016

Essex v Cambridge Longbow match

Double Portsmouth

Easter Sunday was the date of this year’s annual Longbow match against Cambridge, this year’s event was a home match kindly hosted by John Willson at RTAC indoor venue in Rayleigh. 

With the clocks changing for spring time all of the archers lost 1 hours sleep but that didn’t faze them and they still all managed to make it on time (just about) and at 9.15am the first session began, those debuting for their counties soon settled into the shoot and their nerves disappeared.  After shooting the first Portsmouth in 1 hour 39 mins (wow!) it was time for a well, earned break and a hot cross bun before the second Portsmouth started (by this point Essex was sitting a comfortable 144 points ahead)

The second round was shot just as quickly as the first and the complete days shooting was in 3 hours 18 mins with some impressive scores. After a delicious after shoot tea and a lot of re-checking scores the results were in!

Essex 5217
Cambridge 4872


Another win for Essex by an amazing 345 points! 

Well done to all the archers who shot for Essex especially those on their debut and to Kathryn Sartain for breaking the county record. 

I would also like to thank RTAC for hosting the event and a special thank you to Brian and Tracey for the catering and field party ,Mick Pearce for Judging for us and Perris Archery for sponsoring the event.


Lesley Howell

Essex Team Manager

Full Results