How to represent Essex at County matches

As agreed at the AGM in 2015 we are introducing a new adult selection procedure in the county as it was felt that the old procedure was not working as well as we would like.
Please read the attached policy in conjunction with the cut off dates and if you wish to be considered to take part in any of the events listed, send your scores as required direct to the team manager by this date.
The scores received will be ranked 1st to last and the team will be picked from the top of the list down until all spots for the team are filled. All bow styles will be considered but teams will only be sent to an event if we can fill the required criteria at a competitive level.
Junior scores should be submitted to the JRO through Club Records Officers or the Form on the Web Site. The JRO will maintain a ranking list that will be sent to the Team Manager and be used to select the teams.



EventScores considered - shot betweenDeadline date for scores
Essex v Cambridge Longbow
27 March 2016
  Cancelled for 2017

Mid Summer Team event
– Lillishall June 24th/25th 2017

Saturday WRS720 50/70 mtr with team H2H / Sunday WRS WA1440

(Juniors are welcome to submit scores for WA720 and WA1440 Gents or Ladies WA rounds and shoot on an equal footing to adults)

Monday 6nd July 2016 –
Monday 1st May 2017
Friday 12th May 2017

Kent v Essex & Sussex
– Sunday 11th June

Being held at :-  Vigo Rugby Club, Kent

Round: UK record status WA1440


Criteria:-  Adult - Compound,  Recurve,  Longbow and Barebow teams of 5 must be mixed gender with at least one of opposite gender. 

Mixed junior team of 5,  age 14 and up any bow type handicap adjusted any gender – these will be picked from the top 10.

Monday 3rd July 2016 –
Monday 1st May 2017

Monday 1st May 2017

SCAS Intercounties
Date, Venue and Round TBC

Monday 10th September 2016 -  Monday 10th July 2017

Friday 22nd July 2017
4 Way indoor – Essex/Kent/Middlesex/Surrey
25th November
Venue - TBC
Round – Portsmouth
Monday 1st December 2016  - Monday  4th April 2017 Friday 14th October 2017


Team Selection Policy
Senior Team Form
2017 Selection Dates
Updated: 07/03/2017