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Imogen Newby is at it again

Imogen Newby is at it again - this time at the Junior Nationals.

This is two days of competiton for the Juniors where Imogen shoots in the Under 14 category and which also holds a Regional and Home Nations shoot.

Saturday had WA1440 and Metric rounds with Immy shooting the Metric IV with 3 dozen arrows at 40m, 30m 20m and 10m and she shot brilliantly!

Final score 1360, the UK Ladies U14 Recurve Champion, a new PB, National 10m Record, four County Records, Club Record…and she wasn't finished there.

England took the Home Nations win and then she picked up another medal as part of the victorious SCAS Regional Team.

Then back again on Sunday - this time for the AGB Rounds so Immy was shooting the Bristol IV another 12 dozen round.

Again Imogen shot great and ended the day victorious and 1246 with a new PB, new County Record and another medal!

As Imogen says:

"I’m the Double UK Ladies U14 Recurve Champion 2017! Doesn’t get much better than that!"

Imogen has also written an article on her whole weekend - fantastic to see what it is like from her point of view.

Nice shooting Small - if you keep going this way your Olympic dream is in the bag.