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December Scores for the SCAS Inter Counties League

Many thanks to everybody who is submitting scores for the postal league, which are at Tournaments & Records -> leagues -> SCAS Inter Counties League.

Can you please ensure that you check the dates shot as we are receiving several incorrect ones which appear to be out of the required date ranges. All must be shot between 22nd of one month and 21st of the next month in order to be included. Also please make sure they are submitted by the end of the 22nd.

Don't forget I need competition scores for selection to the County Team Match which is to be held 22/2/20 At Sittingbourne in KentScores accepted for Competitions up to end January 2020Also this match clashes with the Old Basing Vegas Shoots so you will have to decide which you would like the opportunity to compete in. 

Many thanks and a Happy New Year

Sharon Lawrence