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In Essex and Suffolk we have some very good judges who are here to help you with any questions you might have about rules and regulations or if you are running a tournament and want to know what is required.

For example at a World Record Status shoots the Chair of Judges needs to be a National Judge and for National Record Status they need to be a Regional Judge.

If you have a question then either contact a judge using the links below or drop us a line at and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

National Judges

Paul Clark Chelmsford, Essex
Debbie Horn Basildon, Essex
Mike Pearce Romford, Essex
Richard Pilkington Ipswich, Suffolk

Regional Judges

Alex Purser The Bat Cave (Chelmsford)

County Judges

Rob Clark Ipswich, Suffolk
Tommy Hodder Basildon, Essex
Maggie Pearce Romford, Essex

Candidate Judges

Jack Wilson Ipswich, Suffolk

Jack is our only candidate right now - could it be you as well?

Judge Allocations for 2020

We allocate all the judges for the County Championships so we can ensure everyone is involved and also so we can help where judges need additional experience.

The Judge Allocation for 2020 can be found here