I have much pleasure in announcing that at 00.12 on 24th June, Matt and Denise Webb became the very proud parents of baby Ethan Christopher Robert Webb. He weighed 4 lb 10 oz at birth and, due to a few complications, had to stay in Basildon hospital for another 10 days, but he is home now and doing well.  Matt and Denise gave Ethan the two middle names after their respective fathers.  You will see from this photo what a sweet little baby he is.

I feel sure that Matt and Denise would like me to take this opportunity to express their thanks to all those who sent cards and gave gifts. 

With Matt's interest in archery and Denise's interest in horses, we just have to wait and see which sport little Ethan takes up.  Maybe archery on horseback!

Many congratulations to Matt and Denise, and I am sure we all wish the 3 of them a healthy and happy future together.

Iris Major