The GNAS AGM 2012 - ECAA Members report

Held in Duncan House, University of East London, High Street

Stratford, London E15 2JB

On Saturday 28 April 2012 commencing at 11.00


Chairman of Tellers: Mrs Trish Lovell (President of the Society)

Tellers: Mr Derek Lovell, Mr I McGibbon. (There was no mention of the names of the rest of the Tellers)

The Chairman Mr  Dave Harrison opened the 2012 Annual General Meeting by welcoming everyone. Special Year as regards the Olympics. Change of Venue. Mentioned Membership had increased over the year. A Minutes’ Silence was held in respect of those that we have lost during the past year.

1. Apologies for Absence Mr David Sherratt, the Chief Executive had received  20 apologies. They would be named as well as the names of the attendees in the Minutes

2. To Approve AGM Minutes of 2011 and Matters Arising  A couple of amendments to Minutes. Meeting agreed.

Hand Vote     For      42                    Against          0          Abstentions   9          Carried

There were no Matters arising

3. President’s Address Mrs Trish Lovell presented her 2011 Address. She announced that she had attended a couple of Award Ceremonies. Attended shoots. Special thanks to Mr J Knott on the Face to Face. Membership renewals went well, with minor mistakes. Coaches, Level I and II. Olympic tickets. Olympic archers to success. Costs have increased  since 1948. Moving archery ahead. Good luck

4. To received Directors Report  for the year ending 30 September2011 and To Receive, Consider and Adopt the Auditors Report and the Income and Expenditure Account for the year ending 30 September 2011, and the Balance Sheet as of that date(These two items on the Agenda have been combined) . There was no video presentation of the accounts this year, but in the Year Book there shows a Loss of £70,666, and the Society have had to result to the Reserves. There was a loss of £18,925 for 2010

Hand Vote     For      49                    Against          1          Abstentions   1          Carried

5.. To confirm the appointment of Auditors of Turner and Peachy. You will note that these are new Auditors, as they proved to be a cheaper tender to Whittingham Riddell

Hand Vote

For      42                    Against          0                      Abstention     0          Carried

6. Membership Subscriptions for 2012/13.

Fees are as follows

Direct Member Senior £46.00. Club Member Senior £38.00. Direct Member Junior £44.00. Club Member Junior £23.00. Overseas Direct Member £56.00. Junior Club £60.00 per club. Club for Members with Disabilities Nil. University Club £120.00 per club. NB There were no increases for 2010/11. There was a long discussion on why the fees had to be increased. The Chairman explained about coaching; also that they could improve on the services they give to members. Mr Eric Jackson, the Director of Finance also explained  the costs of the premises at Lilleshall have increased. There had been a deficit in the Accounts. If the fees did not go up there would have to be drastic cut backs, also losing members of staff. Being that there are 1200 clubs in the country this would bring in a large amount of revenue. The Resolution was then first put to a Hand Vote

Hand Vote

For      40                    Against          14                    Abstention     1         

There was then a call for a Ballot by five electors

Results of the Ballot is as follows

For      2280               Against          1950               Abstention     1

Therefore the motion carries, and will mean an increase in subscriptions 

7. To comply with a request from the International Governing Body to change the Laws to reflect the change of name of FITA to World Archery

Hand Vote    

For      54                    Against          0          Abstention     0          Carried          

The Meeting was told after the vote that Japan had already change their name to World Archery Japan

Special Business

To receive and, if thought fit pass the following resolutions

To amend the Articles of Association

[For the Resolution to pass, the Voting System has to carry a 75 per cent majority, so I have given the figures, with majority count that is needed for it to pass]

Resolution 8 From ‘In Writing’ to ‘Electronic Communication’

Hand Vote

For      54                    Against          0          Abstention     0          Carried

Resolution 9  To save money now that the cost of postage has increased from 30 April 2012, the means to use other companies to send communications out rather than using Royal Mail

Hand Vote

For      54                    Against          0          Abstention     0          Carried

Resolution 10 To split Marketing and Development Committee into two separate jobs, as the work has increased considerably for one person. A long debate was held on this Resolution

Hand  Vote

For      37                    Against          7


11. Voting of Director of Operations There being only one nominee

Mr Brian Woodcock was duly elected on a Hand Vote with 53 in favour

Announcement of Elections

Mr Tim Swain – Coaching Committee

Mrs Helen Woodcock – Junior Committee

Chairman, Mr Dave Harrison gave thanks to Mr Freddie Collier and  Staff for arranging the venue, Tellers and Directors.. Permission to Tellers to Destroy Voting Papers

National Awards

The President, Mrs Trish Lovell presented the Awards

Gussy Award (wheelchair archer of the year) – No nominations

Ascham Mazur (highest Single American shot during the year) – Mr T Hodder , 804.

Toxophilus Trophy (Best magazine)  There was no mention of this award, but it appears there is an award called  Archery GB which is for the best club web site, the winners being Guildford Archery Club

Jack Flinton Helping Hand for Coaching –  No nominations

Hartwell Trophy (archer of the year, donated by ‘The Daily Telegraph’) – Mr John Wilson

BOA Trophy awarded to the Olympic Sport – Mr Larry Godfrey

Plaqutte Award  for Coaching



Trip around the Olympic Park, Stratford

After boarding a mini coach we had guided sealed tour around the vast area of the the park (sealed tour means that we did not get off the coach at any time whilst we were in the park, even though our IDs such as Pass Ports were checked and thence the coach passing through the security area where there were sniffer dogs employed). However, the coach paused at certain points during the trip, so we could take photographs of the stadium, etc. and the stature of Orbit which overlooks the whole area. The guide pointed out the buildings that were going to stay as they were after the games; venues that were going to be altered, and structures that would be taken down. The main stadium will seat 80k, but after the games will be reduced to 60k, and there have been several bidders who are interested in having the venue (I have heard on the radio that West Ham United are interested in a new home). The Velodrome will be staying and will hold major events, but the basketball arena will be taken down. We were shown the Olympic Village where the competitors will be staying – four people to a room, but after the games these flats will be equipped with a kitchen and will be either on sale or for rental purposes. After the Games the park will be closed for a year to enable the alterations to take place. Most of the park has been landscaped, and if anyone knew the Stratford area before the transformation will know it was a very ran down area that had been badly neglected. The park will be named, in case you are not aware Queen Elizabeth Park, rather appropriate in the Diamond Jubilee Year

Overview of the Annual General Meeting and Coach Trip

In my personal view this year’s Annual General Meeting was in a change of venue in London as it is normally held in Shropshire, mainly because it is the Olympic Games. Because of the timed coach trip around the games site the meeting had a very tight schedule to be kept. There were a number of usual procedures that are normally carried out at the AGM, were completely deleted. The Resolutions were made so that we had a straight forward Hamd Vote, but it was the Resolution on the Membership Subscriptions that first went on a Hand Vote, and we had to get a Ballot so that we could use the votes that the clubs had given us to use on their behalf. The fact that the Society have made a loss, but do not seem appear to want to cut back on certain operations, but unlike other years all the delegates received a large polythene bag withArcheryGB on the side and conveyed a folder with three posters, a biro, a Olympic Archer badge, a writing pad with the logo on each page. The Voting Slips were in a  A4 buff enevelope, together with a name badge of which we wore.The coach trip was enjoyable and interesting, but it was a disappointment  that we were not allowed to get off the coach

Essex County Archery Association was represented by Mr Michael Pearce, Mrs Maggie Pearce (both of West Essex); Mr Robin Frost (Direct); Mr Dennis Saville, Mrs Marion Saville (both of Colchester); Mr John Wilson (Rayleigh); Mr Fred Fair (Direct); Mr Alan Goodsman (Holdens). There were fifty-five delegates at the meeting, compared to 111 members who attended last year at Lilleshall. There was not as usual a Top Table with the Directors with their job titles shown,  so therefore none of the Directors were introduced to the Meeting