Paralympics Test Event - A work party members perspective

I have reproduced an email sent to me by Philip Madeley (Mayflower Archers) who was one of a number of members we have helping at this event. If we have any other ECAA Archers helping who would like to let me have their perspective, I am sure it will be of interest to others. RM 




I was working at the Royal Artillery Barracks for the three days of the event and it was hard work but great, great fun!

 There were about 55 archers from all over the world at the event and Friday was a ranking competition of 12 ends of 6 arrows each over 60 metres. The top ranked then went on a head-to-head shoot-out with the bottom ranked, the second ranked with the next to bottom and so forth for a standard knock-out over the Saturday and Sunday. Each match was 3 ends of 3 arrows each (I think!!) and what made it more interesting was that each arrow’s score came up on a board after being shot so you could see what was happening. The weather was very poor, light rain for some of the day but very cold! How the archers managed to keep warm I am not sure.

 I didn’t get to see much archery as we were in the PRD office (Printed Results Distribution) adjacent to the range. We had a team of 8 printing, copying and distributing results to all the various locations (competitors, FITA, Press etc) all over the site. As I said it was great fun but pretty full on for the whole of the three days. Now I know how you feel at our FITA event!

I have got lots of photos of us and competitors, where I could, plus a couple of important visitors including Iwan Thomas who called into the office on the promise of a chocolate brownie! Who said bribery never works! You will probably recognise the Brits rather than I. I think that D. Brown was our lady World Champion but she just missed out on the gold by 1 point to the Swede.

 I also managed to get a souvenir target face pre-printed with the FITA logo and the ‘London Prepares’ logo for the test event series. It is also signed by all of our PRD team. I did try to get Iwan to sign it but couldn’t drag him away from his work with Channel 4. I am not sure where you can put it, but I would be more than happy to let the club have it! As there are only holes in the 10 and 9 areas I can always pretend that it was my shooting!!!!! I will try and get another from the Paralympic archery event as I will also be working there, but can’t promise it.

Philip Madeley

Mayflower Archers