Mayflower Archers - Fun Field Shoot

Sat 10th March 2012 ,Barleylands.

30 Club Members were lucky enough to take part in good weather conditions for the 'start of season' 3D fun/Field Shoot . There is always one highlight, for instance last year when Nigel discovered a century old (at least) spade in the ditch which didn't do his arrow any favours.

This time the centre of attention was the duck in the pond area.James Howell was kind enough to position the duck close to the bank. I thought the best place would be in the water ,well ducks like the water,don't they..So with a bit of re-positioning I placed the duck in the water and couldn't wait to see what would happen during the shoot. In fact nor could Rob who had cut away the undergrowth close by in order to set up his camera waiting for the fun to commence. Neal Howell didn't want to be left out ,so when Mark ,James and Sam were trying to retrieve thier arrows ,Splash !,in goes a log giving them a good soaking ,great effort Neal ! The good bit is that Rob had this on camera ,can't wait to see the photo.

A good time was had by all and many thanks for turing out and supporting this not forgetting those who helped set up and put away.


Steve Fenton
Mayflower Archers