Ken Gray Memorial Shoot 2012


The 11th Ken Gray Memorial shoot took place on Saturday 11th February, with three teams competing from Epping Junior Archers, Broxhill Archers and Mayflower Archers. Set up in memory of Mayflower’s founder of the Junior Club, the shoot is intended for junior archers who have recently taken up the sport, to provide them with a light hearted introduction to shooting in a competition.


The format is a Portsmouth round with any number of competitors making up the team – results being calculated by taking an average score, so as to make it fair for all. At the end of the tournament, the now popular balloon shoot takes place where archers form a single line and burst as many balloons as possible with as many arrows as they can shoot – sweets are handed out as prizes for those who hit the balloons.


As always, Judge Mick Pearce fully entered the spirit of the shoot – this year sporting colourful trainers with built in LED flashing laces and a huge whistle. Previous years have seen multi coloured braces and hideous Joseph style socks. God help us if Mick ever wears the full ensemble in one go!

The final averaged scores for each team were:

Broxhill Archers (First)

Mayflower Archers (Second)

Epping Junior Archers (Third)

Thanks from Mayflower go to our judges for the day – Mick Pearce, Graham Sibley and Paul Body;  Lord Paramount Mitch Vaughan, with special thanks to organiser Alex Purser.

Photographs at this link


Robert Markham (Mayflower Archers)