Congratulations to our elite archers

As the current ECAA president I am sure that I am expressing the thoughts of all archers in Essex & Suffolk in saying how proud we are of our top flight archers.

May I wish the greatest of good luck to Michael and Nicky in their pursuit of the Olympic dream.

It would be fantastic too see ECAA archers representing Great Britain at the London Olympics and I am sure that all of our good wishes go with them.

  However, in this olympic year we must not forget the fantastic achievements of one of our juniors; Daisy Clark. Daisy had a great 2011 breaking several national compound records both senior and junior, this despite the fact that she is still only 16years of age. So far this year she has managed to be selected to represent Great Britain as a senior archer in Turkey at the world cup 2nd leg and in Holland at the European championships. She has also been selected as a junior archer representing Great Britain in Croatia at the junior Europa cup and Denmark at the Junior european Championships. Knowing Daisy I am sure she will return with a clutch of medals. Daisy is also hoping to qualify for the World FITA championships in France and we wish her the best of luck in this endeavour.

While we are justifiably proud of our top archers we must not forget that Essex & Suffolk have so much to be proud of; we have several senior archers that travel all over and do us proud every time they compete. Also, I have heard on so many occasions and from so may different sources how well behaved and well mannered junior archers from Essex and Suffolk are.

I hear this from sources all over SCAS and even further afield and it makes me, as an Essex archer, proud that our juniors have this reputation and I, for one, am really looking forward to seeing how they all develop over the next few years.

In conclusion may I wish every one involved in archery, at what ever level, a great year in 2012 and let us hope that both Great Britain and Essex can celebrate a clutch of medals at the forthcoming Olympic games.

Mick Pearce


Essex County Archery Association