To all Clubs entered in the ECAA Summer League 2011

Dear All

I feel it is unnecessary to call a Meeting of club league secretaries when just a small change in the League Rules is needed to keep everything in line with GNAS rulings. 

At the Council Meeting of 4th May 2011, I asked that League Rule 20 be amended to allow changes in the rules to be made at Council Meetings.   This was agreed.

Therefore, Rule 20 now reads: “These Rules shall not be altered except from a proposal by the League Secretary at a Council Meeting of the Essex County Archery Association”.

As GNAS no longer have a Register of Club Colours, I asked that all reference to this be struck from the League Rules with Rule 17, first sentence, to read: “Team members are required to dress according to GNAS Rules of Shooting”.   This agreed by the Meeting.

I have been League Secretary for 28-years, so trust you will accept that I will not agree to anything which is not in the best interest of the League clubs and its members.

A reprinted copy of the League Rules is attached with this email.

Thank you for your support

Marlene Hutchins