The Jack Gordon "Victor Ludorum" Trophy - Presented to the ECAA in 1999 by Iris and Tom Major

An archer recently asked Tom how one might qualify for this award and it occurred to us that perhaps there are still some archers who are unfamiliar with the criteria governing this award. In the circumstances, and as all the County’s Championships are ahead of us, we thought it would be timely to remind the archers of Essex and Suffolk about the above trophy and, in particular, the criteria governing its award.  Unfortunately, any archers not competing in the Essex Indoor Championships are not in the running this year.  For those who are, provided you take part in the other 4 Championships, and meet the criteria of having at least 3 archers in your discipline, you will be eligible to submit a claim at the end of the year.


When we presented this trophy to Essex in 1999 our aim was, and still is, to encourage archers affiliated to Essex to compete in ALLCounty Championship tournaments, regardless of age, gender or discipline.  However, in view of recent developments, we feel we should clarify one detail regarding our reference to the CLOUT CHAMPIONSHIPS within the existing criteria. In view of the proposal adopted at the ECAA Council meeting on Wednesday, 2nd March, 2011, that the Metric Clout, organised by Woodford Archers, should become part of the County Championships, the points gained at either Clout will qualify towards the points system. 



The trophy to be awarded annually, based on aggregate “position” achieved in all County Championships run each year which currently (and in order) are: Indoor, Clout (imperial or metric), Target, FITA andField.  For the sake of clarity, Flight would also be included in the event that this Championship is resumed in the future.  The archer with the lowest total will be the winner, e.g. 20 is better than 30.  However, in the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by taking the highest placement in the following order: CLOUT, FIELD, TARGET, FITA, and INDOOR (also FLIGHT if shot in the future).


In the case of the Indoor Championships, the position is based on the overall results, not session positions and, of course, if an archer shoots the same discipline in more than one session then only the result of their first session will count.  However, if an archer shoots three different disciplines then they can submit the one with their best position.


The criteria is intended to accommodate all ages and disciplines (and even mixed disciplines), but there must be a minimum of 3 archers shooting in any discipline. An archer may submit an application counting OPENentries in order to meet the criteria of three archers in the discipline but, in that event, their placement should also take account of the OPEN results.  Juniors are also eligible and must have shot in their age group, or above.


Qualifying archers (those having shot in all County Championship tournaments) should submit an application form on their own behalf, by the date stipulated. 

The " Junior Millenium" Trophy - Presented to the ECAA by Iris and Tom Major

We presented this trophy to the ECAA in about 2000, after receiving a letter from a junior archer, pointing out that juniors were at a disadvantage due to the difficulty in having 3 archers in their discipline/age group.  The same criteria as for the VICTOR LUDORUM trophy will apply, with the exception that there is no stipulation that there must be 3 archers in a discipline/age group. 


An example of a completed application form follows. A blank form for each of the above two trophies is posted on the 'Documents' page. We suggest archers might like to complete these with their results after each Championship -  by way of a diary - rather than go through all their results at the end of the year.


Example of a completed form 


Good luck to you all and happy shooting!

Iris Major 10th March, 2011