Introducing Archers Paradox, a new archery related app for Android Phones

















Archers Paradox is a new archery app for Android phones that has just been released onto the Android Market and is available for free download.

Archers Paradox currently allows recurve archers to store bow setup details and sight marks for all distances. If you have more than one bow, all bow details can be stored. For bow setup information you can store different configurations dependent on type of archery.

Development is already underway to add a scoring module to the app which will integrate with the existing functionality.

To download the app search for Archers Paradox on the Android Market or go to for links to the download. For updates on the app progress follow @archers_paradox on Twitter or go to on Facebook and click the Like button.

For suggestions on features you would like to see in the app email


Simon Wiehe - Bowmen of Ardleigh