Essex V Sussex - 26th June 2011 - Team Managers Report

The Essex team made its way to the the new Sussex county home ground at Crawley on Sunday 26th June 2011. Seniors and Juniors were involved with all bowstyles performing in what can only be described as almost perfect weather. The “almost” part being that it became very hot during the day and the slight breeze from behind was not really sufficient to provide any cooling effects, so there were some well cooked archers by the end of 12 dozen arrows – York, Hereford and Bristol rounds being shot.

The scores generally reflected the conditions, but there were some archers who wilted in the heat, while others thrived on it. There were some strange fashions being paraded as archers attempted to keep cool.

Final details have to be confirmed but within the junior team there were several 6 gold ends and at least one new county record, which beat the national record but unfortunately the shoot was not record status.

The outcome of the match would be decided upon the total of each bow style team's results. Some teams were mixed gender while other teams were not. Overall result would be obtained by adding senior and junior results together. This throws up some interesting combinations as can be seen below.

The overall outcome was that Sussex won, despite Essex winning many of the bow style parts of the competition, so some moral victories to Essex.


The results are;                                    Essex                           Sussex


Recurve                                               4036                            3799

Compound                                          4830                            4758

Longbow                                             758                               755

Bare bow                                             1494                            2072


                        Total seniors              11118                             11384



Recurve                                               4560                            4360

Compound                                          4333                            4353

Bare bow                                               232                              689


                        Total juniors                9125                            9402

                        Overall totals               20243                          20786 


Essex Archers scores;


Recurve;     Susi Stedman 1043, Peter Dent 1000, Andrew Devlin* 894, Richard Pilkington 1003, Jason Robertson 943, Martin Skinner 990.

Compound;   Christine Higgins 1218, Lesley Howell 1037, Jason Pretlove 1192, Alex Purser** 1218, Cliff Tricker 1202, Mitch Vaughan 1096.

Longbow;   Lynette Fisher 211, Tony Maher 187, Terry Riddick 223, Max Room 283, Dave Willson 252.

Bare bow;   Donna Gladwell 458, Terry Carter 438, Nigel Norris 575, Peter Walker 461.


Recurve; Louise Devlin 1208 (B4), Luke Baharie* 1078 (B3), Alex Body 1108(B3), James Howell 1144 (B2), Sebastian Stedman 1100 (B3), Adam Sartain* 825 (B1), Sam Yeates Rtd.

Compound;   Ellie Vidgeon Hart 1035 (B3), Mark Robinson* 946(B1), Callum Wheatley 1082 (B2), Luke Wiseman 1260 (B2)

Barebow; Jonathan Neale – 232 (B1)

Note (*) indicates county début.  (**) indicates début with different bow style.

My thanks go to all partners, parents and friends who turned out to support our team. Extra thanks also to Jane, Neil and Mick for special duties.  Extra special thanks to all the archers who toiled under a hot sun for their county producing some great scores, and for the help and support they gave to each other. I am grateful for those who accepted the challenge at the last moment, they know who they are.

We may have lost but you did yourselves proud, well done.


Peter Walker

Team Manager