Essex v Cambridgeshire - 22nd May 2011

This match was a home venue for Essex at Noak Hill. The weather was wonderfully bright in the morning and for most of the day, but the match was plagued all day by high winds from left to right. It was  not a constant wind, but  gusting from stiff to strong enough to blow over bows and scope stands. A slight shower around lunchtime gave everybody a chance to show off their wet weather gear, but no sooner than it was on it was time to take it off again. The wind caused so many arrows to miss the targets, that the delays due to finding them was eating into shooting time, so a decision was taken by the two team managers to change the round from a 12 dozen York, Hereford,Bristol to a 9 dozen St. George, Albion, Windsor series, to ensure that the match finished at a reasonable time.

All archers did their best under the conditions, but scores were significantly down because of the wind..

The match was divided into two sections – senior and junior. Essex matched the Cambs. senior team in all disciplines, compound, recurve, longbow and bare bow . Cambridge could not raise a junior compound team this year so Essex junior compound archers were not sought for this match. Junior longbow was a victim of communication failure with Cambs. arriving with one archer, while Essex archers had been stood down to concentrate on their exams.

The team managers had had earlier agreed that final results would be based upon equal numbers and genders for each team. Longbow team shot one distance down.

Essex seniors won all disciplines shot. The scores are given below – they reflect a matching of teams in terms of numbers where a mismatch existed.

Senior results.

                                                                        Essex                           Cambridgeshire

Recurve                                                           4837                                        3999

Compound                                                      4042                                        3346

Longbow                                                         919                                         722

Barebow                                                          763                                         503

Total                                                                9561                                        8570

Essex Seniors win by 838 points

Essex Juniors emulated the senior team by winning their match – again number matching was used to equalise team numbers.

Junior results

                                                                        Essex                           Cambridgeshire.

Recurve                                                           2345                                        1376

Longbow                                                                                                           280

Total                                                                2345                                        1656

Essex Juniors win by 689 points.

The Essex team individual scores are as follows;


Recurve; Susi Stedman 661, Yvonne Wade 654, Ian Bugbee 669, Richard Green 722, Richard Pilkington 726, Martin Skinner 770, Andrew Smith 690, David Turner 676

Compound; Helen Harris* 833, Lesley Howell 697,  Anthony Christian 765, Mark Christian 773, Alex Croft 749, Cliff Tricker 822

Longbow;  Lynette Fisher  286, Tony Maher 340, Terry Riddick 293, Max Room 281

Barebow; Chris Bushell 277, Terry Carter 387, Nigel Norris 376

NB - * - indicates county debut


Recurve; Louise Devlin 751, Alex Body 774, James Howell 694, Sebastian Stedman 820.

My thanks go to the field team at Noak Hill archery club for setting the targets and providing drinks throughout the day and a wonderful buffet at the end. Thanks also to Robin Frost and Mick Pearce for judging, and also to Maggie Pearce for her help with records and paperwork.

Thank you, Cambridgeshire team for making the long journey and giving us a match. We look forward to the 2012 match in Cambridgeshire.

Once again it is good to see so many supporters present to help and I am grateful for that, but my biggest thanks go to the archers of Essex for their perseverance under trying conditions – well done everyone.


Peter Walker

Team Manager