Barbara Williams becomes National Clout Champion

It’s not every day Essex gets a National Champion, even if Clout is regarded as a bit “fringe”!

At the GNAS national Clout Champs held in Bradford on 15th October, I won the Ladies’ Barebow title, made more remarkable by the fact that my old limbs couldn’t longer make the 140 yards anymore and I had to use a set of brand new, untested limbs.  As a follow-up the following day at the Leicestershire and Rutland Metric Clout, I managed a six-clout end – I think this is the first ever with a Barebow.  To put this into context for those who’ve only shot target – that’s a six-gold end at your maximum distance without a sight!!

Here’s a picture of the National Champs to give the flavour – I’m the one in red with the hat – and just look at that colour of that sky!


Barbara Williams (Woodford Archers)


Our congratulations to Barbara on this great achievement - RM