2011 4-Way Inter-County Indoor Portsmouth

The Essex team participated in the 4-way Indoor match at Sittingbourne Community College, Kent on Sunday, 27th March 2011. The Essex team comprised Mrs. Y.Wade, Ian Bugbee, Michael Judd, Bob Riley, Michael Peart and Matt Webb.


London could not field a team again so it became a 3-way event, in a very nice venue. There was some discussion about about Surrey replacing London but due to a clash of dates this was not possible this year, but there is interest from Surrey for future years.


The organisers collected scores every dozen, but did not post them on a leader board. However I could see that there was tight contest developing between Essex and Middlesex – the scores were close for the first two dozen. At the end of the third dozen Middlesex had a 14 point lead, but the Essex team got into the rhythm and pulled back  to lead by 8 points at the end of the fourth dozen. After the fifth dozen the lead had extended to 33 points and Essex had won by a fair margin.


The overall scores were ;            Essex –            2877

                                                Middlesex -       2844

                                                Kent -               2816


Essex Team individual scores ; Mrs Yvonne Wade 557, Ian Bugbee 580, Michael Judd 564, Bob Riley 573, Michael Peart 590 and Matt Webb 577.


The highest individual score posted was 590 by Michael Peart.


My thanks go to all archers for their efforts on the day and to the supporters who came along to encourage them.


Peter Walker


Team Manager




The winning team ; Mike Peart, Matt Webb, Yvonne Wade, Bob Riley, Ian Bugbee and Mike Judd