Theft at Parkfield Archers

Good Evening Fellow Archers in Essex and Suffolk,

As you may or may not be aware Parkfield Archers, Cambridgeshire had a break in to their equipment store during Thursday evening/night and all the training bows, etc. that were there at the time have been taken.

I have listed below all of the equipment that we believe has been stolen and we would be grateful if you would keep an eye and ear out for anybody offering this equipment for sale to you or any of your members or via the internet, please contact your local police force with any details. Your help is gratefully appreciated.

2 x Sebastian Flute RH Axiom Bows (1 x Silver with 20lb limbs, 1x Blue with 24lb limbs)

3 x RH Wooden Adult Bows (With 22, 26 & 20lb limbs)

2 x Rascal Junior RH bows (with 16, 18lb limbs)

1 x Rascal Junior LH bow (with 18lb limbs)

Approximately 120 Wooden Arrows and 36 Platinum Plus Arrows

3 x Steel Lump Hammers

A Metal Detector (Black)

Thank you for your help in this matter and kind regards

Kevin Charter

Parkfield Archers

Club Secretary