Report of the SCAS Regional meeting of the 9th October 2010


The full minutes of the meeting are not yet to hand and consequently made up from personal notes.

SECRETARY reported that he had circulated County and Club Secretaries’ with copies of the 2010 Green Book, they have yet to be sent out to Members of Council,Coaches, Judges and Life  Members. He also stated that the Executive had been involved in assessing a complaint made by a SCAS member about a SCAS Club and the associated County  Association. Hopefully this would be resolved shortly – no details of the matter were made known.

TREASURER provided the meeting with the latest financial situation showing latest balances as Current Account £30194, Resrves £81714.   He also suggested that for convenience that the SCAS account be moved to another more convenient Bank (currently Natwest), for financial and administrative reasons.

TOURNAMENT ORGANISERS A detailed report was presented regarding the SCAM which was held in May.

The INDOOR ORGANISER offered a lengthy document outlining some of the difficulties from the 2010 event and amongst suggestions for the future were, no trade stands inside the hall, at the end of each session only archers and officials and work party be allowed to enter the hall, a request for virtual silence and other observations were provided.

JUNIOR TARGET CHAMPIONSHIPS (Runwell) overall details which have been widely circulated were presented and the meeting was advised that the  2011 event would be held on the Saturday 3rd September,2011.

THE JUNIOR FITA (Colchester) would be on the Saturday 9th July, 2011.

FIELD LIASION OFFICER reported that Lucy Holderness (Beds) had competed as part of the GB Team in the World Field event in July 2010, at Visegrad,Hungary she was eventually ranked 2nd. Position.  WINTER FIELD ARCHERY LEAGUE a positive response from clubs in SCAS to compete in the WFAL for 2010/2011. Any archer who is interested will obtain more Information from the GNAS Field web It is also hoped to be in a position to present medals to the top 50% of league participants this winter season.

HARTFIELD BURSARY comments raised at the last SCAS meeting were forwarded to the Trustees ,these comments were taken on board and discussed at length. They recognised that the large sum of money donated from SCAS was very generous, but also that to fulfil the criteria and presented by SCAS would be too restrictive. They also felt that they would  be obliged support field opportunites within SCAS  over others. Fol;lowing further discussion the following  proposition “ In  recognition of John Hartfields service for SCADS and Field Archery it is proposed that SCAS make a single donation of £500 into the John Hartfield Bursary”.  If any SCAS archers in the future wish to obtain financial support they would still be able to approach the region as previously.

JUDGES LIASION OFFICER  Congratulation to Joanne Orbell (Cambs) who was successful in obtaining her FITA Youth Judge status in China. There are three new candidate GNSAS Target Judges .  Mr Ken Arton has been awarded Judge Emeritus Title by GNAS. There was mention of the requirement of Ground  Inspections , there is no compulsion on a Club to get their new ground inspected by a Judge.:

SENIOR/JUNIOR INTER-COUNTY  The results of these events has been widely distributed and will appear in the Green Book.  However, the meeting had been presented with a request by Kent for them to stage the Senior/Junior Inter-County at Kent University, Canterbury on the 11th September,2011.  A presentation of the amenities was made by the Kent Representative and widely discussed.  At the end of which the meeting voted in favour of the motion, so it will be a combined event on the 11th September,2011, on the argument that they wish to use it for development purposes. 

A number of FUNDING REQUESTS were dealt with amongst which was approval for a grant to Philp Glover, to shoot at an event in China.

The meeting agreed that Honorary Life President Title be awarded to Mr George Potts. At the next Annual Meeting.

GNAS DEVELOPMENT   Copies of the document produced by John Neal has previously been presented to the County Associations, a verbal view was given by Robin Frost, who highlighted many of the concerns outlined by John Neal, and requested others to react strongly to the propositions being considered by GNAS.  While the views were strongly supported by David Squibb, Chairman of Coaching Group, we came away feeling that the reception was rather luke warm.

DISCIPLINE  Amongst other matters the SCAS Executive had been reviewing the Discipline  and Complaints Procedures within SCAS, and presented a three page view, a  copy of which is attached.

The  complaints relating to Membership Cards. etc were made known to the meeting.

Two other matters were dealt with (1) the meeting agreed to make a financial grant to Philip Glover for his trip to China  (2) we were advised that the GNAS travel allowance has been Increased  to 33pence per mile.

We would urge members to support the nomination of Eric Jackson as Finance Director.