Malgrave Moonlight 2010

The Moonlight was shot on Saturday 18th. We were lucky with the weather once again, just a bit chilly as the evening progressed.

It was our largest entry with 112 registered and 107 shooting on the night. A good mixture of styles and all age groups represented.  After last year’s shoot we planned to increase the number of targets. This was, however, further prompted by persons unknown breaking into our storage container and stealing the electric cables! It required some excellent, not to mention speedy, work by some of our members to replace them and get everything ready. We increased the number of targets to 30 and ran the shoot with 28 to give us a fallback if needed.

Anyway, apart from a couple of boss changes, the evening went without a hitch and seemed to be enjoyed by all.   A big thank you goes out to the army of volunteers who made sure that the usual soup, tea and coffee were served along the line and the burgers cooked to order. 

Thank you to all the archers who make it such a special evening and congratulations to all the medal and trophy winners.  


Ian Miller (Malgrave)