Held in the Ford Hall, Lilleshall National Sports Centre

Newport, Shropshire TR10 9AT

On Saturday 17 April 2010 commencing at 11.30


The Agm was attended by the following representatives form Essex:- Mrs C Stanford (Vice President) Mr R Frost (Chairman) Mr G Sibley (Secretary) Mr M Pearce (Members Representative) Mr J Willson (Child Protection Officer) and Mr & Mrs D Saville who I thank for taking notes which have formed this report.  Together some 931 proxy votes were carried and as can be seen from the report were not required. 

A total of 100 members from other regions were present.  

Chairman of Tellers: Mr Alf Davies (a former President of the Society) 


    Tellers: Mr D Sangster, Miss J Howells, Mr I McGibbon, Mrs K Fitzpatrick 

Mrs Lynn Evans, the Chairman opened the 2010 Annual General Meeting by welcoming everyone and guests. She introduced the top table and guests, which also included the Society's Solicitor. A Minutes' Silence was held in respect of those that we have lost during the past year 

1. Apologies for Absence Mr David Sherratt, the Chief Executive had received 27 apologies 

2. To Approve AGM Minutes of 2009  Amendment to Minutes re legal fees. Approved, with 14 Abstentions  

4. To Approve EGM Minutes held in November 2009 in Telford. Approved with a small amendment    For 51  Abstentions 19 Against None = Carried 

3. President's Address Mr Tom Williamson, the President welcomed everyone to the Annual General Meeting. Congratulations to the archers who represented the country. Gave thanks to the volunteers. Ring fencing on funds and how it should be spent. Good luck to the new President. Could not do as much as he wished 

5. To received Directors Report Two errors on dates on two directors resigning and new directors on joining. For 74 Against 1  Abstention 1 = Carried 

6. To Adopt Accounts Mr David Sherratt gave a Power Point Presentation on the Society's Finances. Main points were Turnover £1,976,000; 2009. Interest £5k; Operation Profit/Loss £15k; Tax £5k; Surplus before tax £10k; Retained Surplus £11k; Subscriptions Income £713k; Expenses: £489k on administration and Governance; £36k Coaching. New Membership Services Programme at 75 pence per member, ring fence from subscriptions £49k over three years. Sport England £60k towards membership programme. Budget 2009/10 £100k. New Development Department will work with clubs and  Counties special partnership to help grow club facilities and memberships. New membership services programme which will deliver faster membership registration through on-line facilities and improve information for club secretaries. There is a loss of £10k, due to reduced Interest. A few questions on accounts from members. Mr C Carroll asked that subscriptions and grants are set out more clearly. Accounts were put to a Hand Votes For 83 Against 0 Abstention1 = Carried 

7. To confirm the appointment of Auditors Whittingham Riddell. This was put to a Hand Vote and Carried with One Against and One Abstention 

8. To authorise the Board to fix the remuneration of Auditors Hand Vote Carried with Two Against and none Abstaining 

Special Business. 

9. To receive and, if thought fit pass the following resolutions of which Resolution 1 to 11 inclusive will be proposed as Special Resolutions and Resolutions and 12 and 13 as Ordinary Resolutions 

Mr I McGibbon (N Ireland) gave an introduction as to the reasons for the changes, and to answer any questions. Main reason was Trust; Communications; Chief Executive is only employee; Risk of Limitations; Withdrawal of funds. Director of Finance and General Purposes (delay in taking office). Independent Director (not required to be a member) from outside the sport. Director might be engaged on contract. Clarification of when membership ceases (Law 9). New wording based on disqualification, C.R.B. Legal changes. No candidate for Director of Finance. Thanks to Ian for the Presentation on Resolutions 

[For the Resolution to pass, the Voting System has to carry a 75 per cent majority, so I have given the figures, with majority count that is needed for it to pass] 

Resolution 1 - Article 6 Board of Directors to administer the classes of membership,

Hand Vote   Failed 

Resolution 2 - Art 36 and 37 Board shall  comprise the following Directors.

Hand Vote Failed  

Resolution 3 - Art 41 Subject to the exceptions set out in this Art 41.

Hand Vote  For 53 Against 31 Abstentions 4 = Failed. Needed 63 votes for it to pass 

Resolution 4 - Parts (a), (b), (c) and (d). Mr C Carroll made comment on wording of Art 54. Hand Vote. For 52 Against 43 Abstention 1 = Failed 

Resolution 5 - new Art 37(c)(v) Delay at new Director of Finance and General Purposes (hand over time). Hand Vote  For 57  Against 29  Abstentions 2 Failed. Needed 64 in favour 

Resolution 6 - Art 36(j) Director - Independent. (outside the Sport ) Art 37(e), Art 38, Art 41. Hand Vote  For 41  Against 42  Abstentions 2 

Resolution 7 - Art 39 To adopt a new article.

Hand Vote For 54  Against 27 Abstentions 2 = Failed. Needed 60 in favour 

Resolution 2 failed, so cannot make a new article 

Resolution 8 -Art 40 To adopt a new article. Paid Directors.

Hand Vote For 27  Against 58 Abstentions 9 = Failed 

Resolution 9 - To adopt new Articles (proposed as Articles 51,52, 53, 54(a), (b) (c),

Hand Vote For 31  Against 58 Abstentions 6 = Failed 

Resolution 10 - Option 1 Art 37(a)(iii), Art 37(c)(iv). Option 2 Art 37(a)(iii), Art 37 (c)(iv).Hand Vote For 31 Against 55 Abstentions 5 = Failed 

Resolution 11 To amend existing articles as required.

Hand Vote    For 45  Against 35 Abstentions 10 = Failed 

Resolution 12 - Law 9. Resolution makes changes to Law 9 to make it clearer for those referring to laws, as a result of member feedback from the EGM 2009.

Hand Vote For 74  Against 12 Abstentions 7 = Carried 

Resolution 13 To adopt a new Law15 regarding subscriptions pro-rota. There was discussion on on-line subscriptions, but the paper option will still be available.

Hand Vote For 76  Against 16 Abstentions 4 = Carried 

Chairman gave thanks for getting through main part of the AGM 


10. The Ballot for Chairman which was undertaken during lunch was announced as follows

Mr N S Beeson 2095  Mr D Harrison 3728

Mr David Harrison was duly elected as the new Chairman 

11. The election of Director of Finance and General Purposes. No nominations for this post forthcoming. The Board of Directors to select suitable person 

12. The election of Director of Marketing & Development Committee

Hand Vote  For 85 Against 15 Abstentions None. Mr R (Bob) McGonigle was duly elected 

13. The election of Director of Operations

Hand Vote For 92 Against 0  Abstentions 1. Mrs A Shepherd was duly elected 

14. The Ballot of President was announced as follows

For 2702 Against 2. Being the only candidate Mrs Trish Lovell was duly elected as the Society's new President 

15. Election of National Directors These were announced for Scotland, Wales and England, but there were problems in electing them as regards communications, in particular for England. Thanks for outgoing directors of Scotland, Wales and England, but. Mr I McGibbon, (Ireland) is still serving. Problems with electing directors 

16. Subscriptions There are no plans for increased fees for this year 

Election of  Chairman of Judges: Mr A Pointon 

Mr A Davies (Chairman of Tellers) asked if 'Permission could be granted to destroy ballot papers'. The Chairman, Mrs L Evans granted permission. The AGM for 2010 was closed 

The Chairman then opened the 2010 Conference for the various Presentations 

Facilitator: K Fitzpatrick. Governance Update by I McGibbon. .Suggestions on how tocelebrate the 150th Anniversary of the GNAS Membership Services P Dickson.Development World D Reader 

London Olympics 2012 C Marsh. How it started up to the present date. Olympics from 27 July to 03 August, and the Para-Olympics from 30 August to 05 September. Tickets on sale 2011 on web-site; 70,000 volunteers needed.   

Presentation by T Jackson on Edinburgh World Cup Final. After the presentations on these subjects questions were then asked by the Meeting. Most the items regarding the Governance Update were voted against. £7,000 for new system implemented in time for October regarding Membership Services. Information will be sent out in May to clubs, schools Counties,  Regions and young people in all capcities regarding the Development Plan. Some of the funds from Sport England . Taking part, adding value building intelligence centrically, demonstrating competence by 2012

The Chairman then thanked Kath Fitzpatrick for chairing the presentations 


Club Mark Awards presented by Mr J  Willson, since December  Droitwich Archery Society; Bracken Co of Archers, Rochdale Co of Archers, Stafford Archers, New Century Bowmen, Radnor Co in Wales 

National Awards

The President, Mr Tom Williamson presented the Awards

Gussy Award (wheelchair archer of the year) - J De Cannon

Ascham Mazur (highest Single American shot during the year) - Mr T Hodder, 810. As Tommy was not present at the Meeting Mr D Saville collected the award on his behalf

Toxophilus Trophy (Best magazine) Ballard Bowmen, runner up  Bromyard Bowmen

Jack Flinton Helping Hand for Coaching - Kath Hall

Hartwell Trophy (archer of the year, donated by 'The Daily Telegraph') - C Battlesby 

GNAS Plaquettes

P Swift and P Tomkin 

BOA Trophy awarded to the Olympic Sport - S Terry 

Honorary Life Member - J Kember Smith 

Thank You to Jan Howells in the way of Token of Appreciation as the out-going Director of Operations. 

The out-going Chairman, Mrs L Evans gives the in-coming Chairman, Mr D Harrison the chain of office

Carol Hicks flew all the way from New Zealand to make a presentation to the out-going chairman in the way of a dolphin carved out of very hard wood from one of the islands near New Zealand for all her work over the years for the Oceanic Society. 

The out-going President, Mr Tom Williamson presented Mrs Trish Lovell with the Chain of Office 

The out-going Chairman, Mrs Lynn Evans closed the 2010 Annual General Meeting and Conference, and thanked everyone for their support