Essex v Sussex Inter-County Match - 27th June 2010

Hosted for the second year of this annual match by Essex, it was a memorable event for many reasons. Firstly it was a spectacular day for the Noak Hill ground, with virtually no wind and clear blue skies. Ideal shooting conditions until the afternoon when, still without any cloud cover, the temperature peaked at 31oC and everyone began to feel the heat. Some salvation occurred when the wind picked up slightly, but by then the damage had been done.

Secondly, the Essex team had a high number of débutantes due to commitments by others to National and Record status shoots. Even so, everyone took the opportunity of the good weather to  record some impressive scores and at least two new county records were set, Donna Gladwell posted a barebow Hereford score of 518, and Luke Wiseman shooting a 1274 Bristol 3 round with his new compound bow. These scores will be sent to the Records Officers for ratification. Joanna Hammond made her second appearance for Essex but this time shooting compound instead of recurve, and made a good job of it. Unusually the team also had two sets of parent/sibling members; Susi & Anna Stedman, and Mark & Anthony Christian – all doing very well on the day.

This match is unique for the Essex team as it includes barebow archers, previously only adults but this time to include juniors. Last year Sussex showed how strong on barebow archery they are  so the result was not a surprise to anyone but with a few last minute additions we did put up a spirited reply.

This match seems to be enjoyed by everyone, and as Sussex were looking to organise it next year with Record status, we may have the necessary attraction to pull  archers away from other shoots.

The Essex senior team took the recurve and compound sections , while Sussex did the same with the long bow and barebow disciplines. Overall Sussex won the senior match by  525 points reversing last years result.

The Essex junior team beat Sussex by 379 points. Special mention goes to Jonathan Neale who volunteered at the last moment to be the sole Essex junior barebow archer. If there are any other junior barebow archers in Essex, please send in your scores to Maggie Pearce, the Junior records Officer, so we can put together a barebow Top Ten for future selection. Junior compound archers should also do the same as the Top Ten is very short and fails a trade description.


                                    Essex                           Sussex             


Recurve                        4192                            4090

Compound                   4569                            4499

Barebow                      1912                            2442

Long Bow                       757                             930

            Total              11436                           11961


Recurve                        3402                            3233

Compound                    3589                            2780

Barebow                         351                              950

            Total                 7342                            6963

Individual scores;


Recurve;  Mrs S.Stedman (H) 1005, Mrs Y.Wade (H) 1045, D.Lawless (Y) 1064, M.Skinner (Y) 1014, A.Smith (Y) 1030, D.Turner (Y) 1053.

Compound; Miss J.Hammond** (H) 1154, A.Christian*** (Y) 1116, M.Christian* (Y) 1102, J.Pretlove (Y) 1133, C.Tricker (Y) 1166, M.Vaughan (Y) 1040.

Barebow;  Miss D.Gladwell* (H) 518, C.Bushell (Y) 417, T.Carter (Y) 449, N.Norris* (Y) 526, P.Walker** (Y) 419.

Long Bow; T.Riddick (Y) 286, R.Riley** (Y) 230, M.Room (Y) 241, E.Tompkins (Y) 182


Recurve; Miss. A.Hall (B2) 1059, Miss A.Stedman* ((B3) 1108, Miss R.Willson (B2) 970,  D.Atkinson (B1) 1047, J.Howell (B2) 1172, S.Yeates  (B2) 1122.

Compound; Miss E.Vidgeon-Hart* (B3) 1084, A.Croft* (B1) 1151, J.Franklin (B1) 1164, L.Wiseman (B3) 1274

Barebow; J. Neale* (B2) 351

Key - * debut for county, ** debut for new dicipline, *** first appearance for senior team.

My thanks go to Lesley Howell for holding the fort while I was away and adding to the team. Thanks also due to all the parents and supporters who turned out to support the Essex team, to Andy Reeves and the Noak Hill field crew for setting up, taking down and feeding us a great buffet, to Mick and Maggie Pearce for judging, and finally to all the archers who volunteered and made this a great match.

Peter Walker

Team Manager

NB. Quirk of the day – a Sussex archer from Hastings scored 1066. Also Steve Chapman (ex Holdens) sends his regards to anyone who knew him before he moved south.