Brenda & John Whillis - A fond farewell

I realise that the vast majority Brenda and myself will have never known, but I am addressing it to the handfull left that we have. After almost 40 years in archery, Brenda and I are bowing out (Through health reasons mainly).

We no longer belong to either Harlow Bowmen or Archery GB, although Brenda is still H.Bs Sec/Treasurer until they can find a replacement. In recent years we opted out of the tournaments but carried on inside the club trying very hard to keep it going.

The reason I am sending this out is just to say a fond farewell to those Brenda and I befriended over the years in our involvement with the outdoor league and the various County shoots we attended. We really enjoyed those times and we will always remember you all with great affection. We did for a while shoot for and with Hertfordshire (due to wanting to be with our daughter Janette) but Essex was always special to us with very friendly warm people and clubs.

So once again from Brenda and I, it was a great pleasure and honour knowing you all.

Our very best wishes

Brenda and John Whillis