SCAS meeting - 24.1.09 - extracts of minutes

Minutes of a meeting of the Regional Council held at the University College London, Gower Street – London on the 24th January 2009 at 10.00am


Minor amendments to pages 1, 9, 11 and 12 were identified. Once these changes were agreed, the Minutes were signed by the Vice Chairman as a true record. Agreed unanimously.



The Field Tournament Organisers checklist is now prepared.

The medals for the Indoor Tournament are with the Chairman. The Secretary has the stock of mini-medals. There has been reported a problem of the mini-medal bars breaking. They will have to be used up, with Tournament Organizers given spares in case of breakage. A new supplier may have to be found.

The ‘van Buren’ trophy from the Senior Intercounties will be replaced by Phil van Buren. Graham Sibley will liaise with him.



The Chairman pointed out that he has been doing the job since 1994…..



08.32.01 Secretary

World Record Status Tournament applications have been the hot issue this quarter (both for Target and Field tournaments), some going smoother than others, but all were approved by myself on behalf of the Council. The new faster streamlined system now turns the applications around in a few working days from receipt of application to mailing to GNAS for approval. It still hasn’t solved one getting lost in the post between me and GNAS however…

The Record Status application for the SCAS Clout has caused a different problem, given that the application was received by GNAS 3 days late, due to health problems with the Tournament Organizer, and the application was refused. Various appeals to GNAS from the Secretary and Chairmen we rebutted by GNAS. It was pointed out at the meeting that GNAS were within their rights to do this as they had previously been asked to tighten the rules up

Could I ask County Secretaries for the list of their County Champions in electronic format for inclusion in the Green Book…not just paper copies.

SCAS Centenary Badges – we have a stock of 1000 left, and I am wondering what to do with them.

During the meeting it was agreed to try to sell them if possible and suitably dispose of the rest.

SCAS Indoor – mixture of rounds and limited number of places on the first session only for the SCAS Champs has caused comments to be directed at me at various tournaments. I have also received a request for list of last year’s winners from one of the Judges, namely Mark Davis.

Use of SCAS email contact lists to distribute non-SCAS Tournament Entry Forms…yes or no? The feeling of the meeting was ‘no’, if for no other reason than Data Protection issues.

County Secretaries should now receive Council Minutes, previously not sent but all outstanding Minutes now sent.

08.32.03 Press Officer

The website has now advanced to 2006! Webmaster requested information to enable him to update. Suggestion of member access code for news items to be added rejected as causing too much work. Regional events -notices and results -required. Website sub-committee + Secretary to meet and report to July Council meeting.

08.32.04 SCAM Secretary

There has been a lot of preparation so far for this year’s meeting. But firstly I must take this opportunity to discuss the accounts for 2008 as this is my first opportunity.

The event was very well attended and yielded an income of £6982.80. Unfortunately this still proved to be insufficient. I had warned Council at the beginning of the year. Council agreed a dramatic increase in fees and also agreed to underpin any deficits.

Our medal supplier has announced his retirement. However, he has sold the business and has passed on dies to the new purchaser and introduced me.

I have finalized discussions with our new caterer. We will be catered for by The Bell Inn so familiar to many contestants. The menu will be potentially more varied and the caterer is looking forward to the new challenge.

I will be preparing the Entry Forms in the next week and I may be able to confuse "Southerners" by an early dispatch.

08.32.05 Junior Inter-Counties Tournament Organizer

Entry Form will be available soon.

08.32.06 Senior Inter-Counties Tournament Organizer

Entry Form will be available soon.

08.32.07 Field Tournament Organizer

No report.

08.32.08 Clout Tournament Organizer

SCAS has a new Clout Tournament Organizer, Bob Atrill. The 2009 Tournament has Tassel award status; but Record Status refused as 3 days late, despite extenuating illness of previous Tournament Organizer. Chairman wrote appeal to GNAS. Lesson for future -send all RS applications ASAP after current year's event. Whether GNAS should send immediate acknowledgement was queried.

08.32.09 Indoor Tournament Organizer

15th March @ new K2 Sports Centre in Crawley (2012 training centre), in combination with Sussex champs. Record Status granted. Judges from 3 counties. Trophies -chair would supply contact list, and medals. The New Tournament Organizer felt SCAS Tournament Organizer handbook to be simple revamp of GNAS's -needed more direction towards SCAS specifics. Only 1 session commencing 0915 causes problems for more distant archers, though this timing necessary on technical grounds to permit

Sussex archers to shoot in own champs on same day. Essex & Kent inconvenienced because change of date and single session caused clash with respective county champs; agreed to review for next year.

08.32.10 Junior Tournament Organizer

The 2008 championship was a great success and for the first year we finished in the black with £238.00 being returned to the treasurer. Arrangements are being made for the 2009 Championship and again will take part at Runwell on Saturday 5th September, the entry form is available now, GNAS fees have been paid, ground booked and judges and officials informed. We hope this year will be as successful as previous years.

The SCAS Jnr FITA Tournament will be held on Saturday 11th July 2009 at Colchester, with WRS for FITA and UKRS for metrics: queries raised again, in particular accounting for £500 SCAS float. Chair clarified that AGM 2 years ago decided to run event as part of Junior development & thus justified SCAS cash being used; it was Tournament not a Championships, and must be run by SCAS not county in view of WRS.

08.32.11 Field Liaison Officer


I am in the process of compiling a Field record list from all the county records published across the region. This is currently 10% complete and it would be great to publish it on the SCAS web site when complete.


Due to a combination of a lack of funding and the renovation of Sutherland hall at Lilleshall 2009 will see little or no GB field squad sessions.

A total of nine positions are available for field archers to qualify for the July 2009 World Games being held in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. Any archers wishing to be considered for selection must have shot 3 scores at the appropriate tournaments by the All British Championships.

The 2009 European Field Championships this year are being held between 18 – 23 August at Champagnac, France. Due to a lack of funding being released by the performance unit, a reduced team of just 10 adults shall be sent this year with no juniors being offered the opportunity to travel. Any archers wanting the opportunity to be selected must qualify with a minimum of four scores shoot by 12th July 2009

SCAS Field winter league:

November 2008 saw the start of an initiative to promote the access of Field Archery across a wider population of the SCAS membership. I would like to thank the Crawley, Eastbourne and Raven clubs for offering the use of their grounds for any GNAS member to try field archery during the winter. We have currently had a total of 40 archers participate from 7 counties in the region.

Does your club want to be included in the future?

I would be very interested in hearing from any clubs in the region who have access available to land suitable for field archery. If a field course has not been set-up before I’m sure I can find somebody who would be able to assist for guidance if desired. – Please get in touch.

All British Championships May 2009:

Kingsbury shall be hoisting the 2009 All British Championships on 23/24 May 2009. Anybody who is able to offer any help to the organisers please can they contact the tournament organisers Pauline & Cliff Swift on 01342 712689.


John Hartfield sadly passed away at the end of last year. For many years he served on the GNAS Field committee as well as on the SCAS Council, for where his contribution was awarded honorary life member of SCAS as recognition for all the work he did over many years.

I would like to make a proposal that the SCAS council consider setting up a Bursary Fund in memory of John, where the fund can be used to encourage and support SCAS field archers for team, squad or development assistance which would create a lasting tribute for such a wonderful person, and benefit the type of people he spent a large amount of his own time supporting. I would propose that an award was donated annually to a SCAS field archer who has achieved selection status for Team GB field for Team, Squad or a Development squad place.


08.32.12 Judges Liaison Officer

Firstly, apologies for not being present at the Southern Counties Archery Society meeting today, but,

despite all that is said, London is not an easy place to navigate if you need wheels to move on with a


The Judges Committee Annual Meeting was held two weeks at the Stevenage Leisure Centre, with an attendance of 28 Judges of all grades. It was a very good meeting with much discussion regarding Judging. There was also a presentation on field archery to try and get more Judges involved. We were also addressed by one of the archery retailers from within the region regarding trends in archery and equipment.

The Field Judge training for Judges who are interested in taking up Field Archery has been started and is seemingly successful.

This last year has been a busy year with a lot of activity.

The position of Chairman, following Alan Jones death, has been filled by Graham Potts, and it has been decided that we will have a Vice Chairman so as, should either the Chairman of the Liaison Officer be unavailable, there are always two people to discuss and make decisions.

The Regional Shooting Panel now comprises of 2 International Target Judges, 2 International Judge Emeritus, 2 Continental Target Judges, 14 Target National, 14 Target Regional, 10 Target County and 3 Target Candidates also on the Field side 2 International Field Judges, 1 International Field Judge Emeritus, 2 Continental Field Judges, 4 Field National, 1 Field Regional, 1 Field County, and 4 Field Candidates a total of 46 Judges in S.C.A.S. holding 61 Judge positions. S.C.A.S. still holds 5 of the 6 International and Continental positions in Britain and we hope that during the year the Continental Judges may become International Judges.

Around thirty requests for ground inspection were undertaken during the year.

Returns for the year indicate that the level of commitment to Judging is down slightly this year, but last year was inflated by the amount of S.C.A.S. Judges who helped at the World Cup at Dover. Compared to 2006 there is an increase in work. Each Judge averages seventeen days work per year. There are still parts of the Region that have no Judges and these are the counties of Buckinghamshire, London, Oxford and Surrey. We, as Judges and the Council, do need to work to attract candidates into this area of the sport, and we have proved, over the past few years that we can accept and educate and train young people to be Judges of the highest standard.

Assessments for Field National Judge for Hannah Brown and Stan Bartosz were undertaken by the National Judges Committee during the year and were successful in both cases.

Assessments for the year were for Target Regional Judge for Richard Hillier and Mike Pearce, for County Target for Carla Russell and Robert Potts were all undertaken during the year and all candidates have been successful. George Bridle was also assessed for County Target but did not meet the required standard.

The appointments for Regional Tournaments should be completed this next week, it is somewhat unusual this year as it is the first time that I have ever had more volunteers to Judge each Tournament that are required!

08.32.13 Junior Development Child Protection

Nothing to report.

Schools Development

We have been working with the County Sports Partnership for the past Three years, where we have represented the governing body Archery GB. We have organized a Archery Festival for the last five years. Coaching has been available to Special Needs Schools Mencap and the students with visual impairments. Working with Sport Essex plans have been made to develop Archery for those with disabilities, the scheme which is planned to start early in 2009 will be launched by Rochford and Castle Point Active Sports. The project is supported by Chris Christopherson the Chairman of Archery GB Disabled committee. The purpose of this is to encourage those with disabilities to join clubs, giving them a chance to improve their standards of life and encourage a community spirit within Rayleigh Town Archery Club. The club is supporting the venture and has plans to develop their shooting facilities to support it. The Club have also supported Sport Essex at a Corporate games organized by them.

08.32.14 Chairman of Coaches

No Report

08.32.15 Coaching Finance

There is a meeting for Coaches: 'Framework of Coaching' on the 28th February at Chelmsford.

08.32.16 EAF Report.

After consideration of letter requesting additional funding for 1.5yrs to enable recurve archers to 'teambuild' alongside now well-funded compound colleagues for Commonwealth Games 2010, payment of £2280 agreed in addition to statutory sub £4100.

08.32.17 Records Officer.

There has been no change to the SCAS records for Senior Recurve or Senior Compound since my last report.

The only other item to report is that I have received claims for 2 Junior Barebow records. However there are no existing regional records for juniors, as I have not compiled these records in the past. If there is a member of SCAS willing to take on this task it would be appreciated. Sadly, I myself do not have time to take on any more.

08.32.18 Disability Officer

I have visited the Wasps club at Newhaven in Sussex where I have been working with a disabled archer helping to prepare him for attending the forthcoming Paralympic TID assessment weekend at Lilleshall on 6th/7th/8th February.

Lynne Burton was selected for Beijing but became too ill to attend and died shortly after; many archers attended her memorial service.

08.32.19 GNAS Reports.



08.33.01 GNAS Development Conference.

This was attended by Maggie Woolf and John Willson on behalf of SCAS.

Main points:

a) Reorganization of board selection;

b) 'Continuity' committee over & above board/regular committees to provide link from past admin through to 2012 & beyond;

c) Anxiety over numbers leaving sport. Maggie Woolf asked ‘why this anxiety?’ as clubs almost overwhelmed with new recruits already.

It was clear that there is much money for coach training.

Maggie Woolf commented that organization needed someone with Lynne Evans' charisma, public-speaking capability, persuasive powers etc, whatever other qualities she might lack, and that criticisms of the Chief Executive were shot down on grounds that David Sherratt had pulled in much extra funding.

The Chairman commented that professionalism long sought in national management had now just about arrived but infrastructure was inadequate to cope with its results; sports centre managements needed to give time/space to the sport to cope with demand.

08.33.02 Other items

2 memorial trophies needed replacement.

Conflict between the National Governing Body's (GNAS) company and trading names: much discussion ensued from dilemma propounded by Beds chair and others, with most reps reporting general consensus with chair's 'split-down-middle' feeling. Agreed that introduction of trading name on all correspondence, pr materials etc without consultation of membership was much more of an issue than actual change itself. Agreed Chairman should write to GNAS chair suggesting that issue required

clarification and voting at AGM.

It was agreed to nominate John Willson as Chairman of the Junior Committee in the event that Nick Beeson did not stand again.

08.34 DATE OF NEXT MEETING AND AGM….18th April 2009.