Report on Essex v. Cambridgeshire Intercounty Match 24th May 2009 at Noak Hill Archers

Surprisingly for a Bank Holiday Sunday, when I pulled back the curtains at some ridiculous time in the morning the sky was pale blue and cloudless. This phenomenon was to set the tone for the day as far asEssex were concerned, maybe not so well for Cambs though.

Due to an unfortunate date clash with several major shoots, both teams were without many of their established archers, giving the opportunity for many to make their debut for the county, some with very little notice. Whether it was the great weather or the new people, there was a sense of excitement as the start time approached and both counties prepared to contest the Senior and Junior trophies available to the winners.

The weather stayed sunny all day – a few red patches were to be seen at the end of the day on various bits of bodies unprepared for this, and the Noak Hill wind although not vigorous, managed to be as unpredictable as usual in direction giving many people something extra to think about when shooting. 

The match proceeded to its conclusion in good time and spirit, with a 6 gold end being achieved by Cambridgeshire’s solitary junior compound archer. Thanks to the catering facilities and members of Noak Hill, a good spread was available to all while the scores were collated.

The presentations were made by our President, Marlene Hutchins, who had been supporting the team for most of the afternoon. Essex won both the Senior and Junior trophies, and were dominant in most of the disciplines. The results were;


Essex Recurve              - 5942                           Cambs Recurve            - 5142

Essex Compound           - 3614                         Cambs Compound         - 3452

Essex Longbow             - 1608                           Cambs Longbow           - 1221

Total                         - 11,164                                                             - 9825    Essex won


Essex Recurve              - 4396                           Cambs Recurve            - 3503

Essex Compound          - 1174                           Cambs Compound        - 1210

Essex Longbow             - 1116                           Cambs Longbow          -   974

Total                            - 6686                                                             - 5687   Essex won

Congratulations to all archers involved, especially those on debut, and thanks to everyone who supported them. My thanks also to Noak Hill Archers for the preparation of the ground, the field party and the catering. Special thanks to Tracy Wheatley and Corrine Powell for sterling duties as “sweets monitors” up and down the shooting line all day, and also to Janet and Simon Clarke for the speed and accuracy of results sorting at the end of the shoot. Mick Pearce and Robin Frost were the Judges; with out them we would not have had a competition.

Peter Walker – Team Manager 

Essex individual scores follow;


Martin Skinner 1075, Jason Robertson 1020, Andrew Smith 987, Dave Collins 930, Michael Judd* 882, Jodie Barnes** 848, Geri Schaper* 819, Peter Walker 840.


Anna King 1222, James King 1206, Warren Stroud 1186, Sandra Neal 1120, Mitch Vaughan 1112.

Senior Longbow

Paul Whiteman 548, Lynette Fisher 413, Terry Riddick 333, Max Room* 314

Junior Recurve

Rebecca Willson 1152, James Howell* 1140, Daniel Atkinson 1069, Tyler Powell 1035

Junior Compound

Anthony Christian* 1174, Callum Wheatley 1090, Reece Powell 1066

Junior Longbow

Laurie Clarke 720, George Whitley 396, Taras Kokolski* 260

Key * - debut for Essex,  ** - debut shooting as Senior