Report of 4-Way Intercounty Match Sunday 7th June 2009

Despite the torrential rain of the journey to Meopham, the sun appeared soon after arrival and stayed out for most of the day, apart from a heavy shower about midday. The wind remained light for most of the day, so shooting conditions were good.

The London team withdrew as it could not field a complete team, so it was a three-way competition, with some disciplines limited to two teams only.

The Essex team was in good spirits for the day – most people seemed to be enjoying themselves, with a great deal of support for each other from fellow archers and supporters. Three 6-gold ends were achieved, Anthony Christian at 80yds with his first,

Rebecca Willson at 60yds and Steve Spragg at 100 yds. At present it also appears that two new County records were set; Rebecca Willson with a Bristol 3 score of 1208 and Dave Adams with a Hereford round score of 565 – these have yet to be confirmed by the Records Officer. Jodie Barnes again shot a Herefordas a Senior – well done to her for accepting the challenge.

The results, when revealed, showed that Essex had won the Senior recurve and the Junior team matches, with Kent winning the Compound and Longbow matches.


Senior recurve;   Essex – 5205, Kent – 4776, Middlesex – 4663

Senior Compound; Kent – 5832, Essex – 5759

Senior Longbow; Kent – 2461, Middlesex – 2311, Essex – 2216

Junior team; Essex – 5661, Kent – 5261

Individual Essex scores;

Recurve ; Neil Smith 1112, Yvonne Wade 1078, Andrew Smith 1046, Dave Collins 1001, Jason Robertson 968, Jodie Barnes 905, Bob Riley 933, Alex Purser 862.

Compound; Pat Spragg 1212, Steve Spragg 1178, Sandra Neal 1166, Christine Higgins 1150, Harry Grove 1053.

Longbow; Dave Adams 565, Terry Riddick 499, Dennis Foster 465, Max Room 381, Ginny Adams 306.

Junior Team; Rebecca Willson 1208, Anthony Christian 1186, James Howell 1170, Daniel Atkinson 1043, Louise Devlin 1054,

My thanks go to all Essex archers and especially to the entire Longbow team for responding at such short notice. Thanks also to Yvonne Wade for handling the longbow team in my absence. It was great to see so many parents present.

Peter Walker

Team Manager

P.S. for anyone interested I found 3 x 1pence coins!!!