New Longbow trophy for annual inter-county match

At the Inter-county match on the 29th November, 2009 Essex v Cambridge, Essex Team Manager, Peter Walker, presented a trophy to be competed for annually.  The trophy was the brainchild of Peter who had approached Pip Bickerstaff for some original longbow items, and Pip willingly donated some suitable pieces.
Peter then came up with the design, made it, had it plated up and suitably engraved and, as you will see from the photograph, it is a very nice original trophy.  Pip Bickerstaff generously donated two vouchers to Cambridge for the purchase of longbows at half price.  Cambridge kindly put the names of both teams into two piles and chose one name from each - a very nice gesture on their part.
For results and details of the match please read Peter Walker's report.
Tom Major