Intercounty Match with Sussex - Sunday 28th June 2009

On a lovely summers morning the team made its way to the Crawley A/C ground at Hazelwick School,Crawley. It was a good field, with plenty of room and some trees along the boundary, which were not needed as the wind was gusting gently from behind.

In my knowledge this is the first time Essex have fielded a complete bow style team for a Target match, Recurve, Compound, Longbow and Barebow and all at conventional distances; York for gentlemen, Hereford for Ladies and Bristol rounds for the Juniors.

Shooting progressed at a steady rate during the morning without any delays. The leader board showed thatEssex recurves, both Senior and Juniors, were establishing a good lead over Sussex, while in the other disciplines Essex were slowly slipping behind Sussex. At lunchtime the senior compounds were some way behind, the junior compounds were close, but the longbow and barebow teams were keeping in touch withSussex. Senior and junior recurve teams had established a good lead.

The afternoon was marred by a slight rain shower, but it did bring the temperature down and it stayed warm and humid for the rest of the match. Essex longbow team overhauled Sussex, and the barebow team was gradually eating into Sussex’s lead when the match ended.

The outcome was Essex winning the Senior Recurve, Longbow and Junior Recurve and Compound, withSussex winning the Senior Compound and Barebow. After tallying the relevant points for all disciplines and ages, Essex won by 374 points

                       Sussex                                                   Essex

Senior Archers

Recurve             3835                                                    4110

Compound         4734                                                    4623

Barebow            1719                                                    1549

Longbow             677                                                       791

Total              10965                                                    11073

 Junior Archers

Recurve             4459                                                    4694

Compound         3375                                                    3406

Total                 7834                                                    8100

Overall           18799                                                   19173

I would like to thank all the Essex archers for their time and efforts on the day, particularly all those making their debut for the county. Special thanks go to the Barebow archers who responded willingly to the challenge of full distance rounds despite the late confirmation by Sussex on this point. It was great to see so many parents there to support the juniors.

Individual scores;

Recurve;  Yvonne Wade 1100, Martin Skinner 1096, David Turner* 1007, Like Willett 907, Gerri Schaper 891, Richard Pilkington* 835

Compound; Sandra Neal 1176, Jason Pretlove* 1164, Pat Spragg 1145, Steve Spragg 1138, Mitch Vaughan 1128, Cliff Tricker* 1011

Longbow; Dave Adams 309, Tony Maher 242, Ginny Adams 240, Terry Riddick 152

Bare Bow; Neil Bonner* 659, Chris Bushell* 471, Terry Carter* 419, Eleanor Payne* 352

Junior Recurve; Sophie Cole 1204, Sebastion Stedman* 1194, Rebecca Willson 1178, James Howell 1118, Jodie Barnes 1108, Tyler Powell 998

Junior Compound; Anthony Christian 1186, Luke Wiseman* 1131, Reece Powell 1089

Note – “*” indicates debut appearance.

Peter Walker

Team Manager 30-6-2009