Inter-County Longbow Portsmouth - Cambridgeshire v Essex 29.11.09

The Essex team travelled to Ely to compete with Cambridgeshire in a Double Portsmouth using only longbows. The team had to include at least one Gentleman, one Lady and one Junior in the ten best scores from a team of twelve. Ely Archers were the venue hosts in the Kings School Sports Centre. Contrary to the previous encounter this was not a day for shooting outside with stiff winds and heavy rain squalls occurring outside. The judge was Val Ewart and Dr. Caroline Skeels of Kings School was the Lady Paramount.

The team included several new members on their county début (Kevin Button and  Paul Clark) and making a welcome return to the county team, Tom Major. Helen Waterhouse was taken ill at the last moment and Paul Clark stepped in to fill the vacancy on Saturday evening – that's impressive commitment.

The venue was very good – plenty of room and well lit. It started slightly early as everyone was assembled and as usual hammered along at a great pace. The first Portsmouth round was finished in two hours and then in a change of plan lunch was provided. It looked to be a close contest at this point but nobody did the maths. Following a very pleasant buffet, the second round started. If anything the food spurred the archers to greater speed and they polished this round off in ninety minutes.

Then the real drama began as the scores were compiled and ordered. After several double checks the final scores were Essex 7743 and Cambs. 7740. The Lady Paramount presented the new trophy to Terry Riddick as the highest scoring member of the Essex team and everybody present was elated by the narrowness of the contest. With much joint congratulations everybody began to make their way home.

A check on the ECAA website showed the two juniors, George Whitley and Laurie Clarke will have set new County records, once ratified.

Congratulations to all archers and family members who accompanied them. Thanks to the Cambridge team for a good contest and for the organisation and roll on 2010.

 Individual scores;

                                                  1st      2nd        Combined final score

Lynette Fisher                          304      296                  600

Laurie Clarke    (U16)              268      331                  599

George Whitley (U18)               294      288                  582

Dave Adams                           368      332                  700

Charlie Barnes                         322      375                  697

Kevin Button                            378      378                  756      Début

Paul Clark                                434      452                  886

Dennis Foster                           430      431                  861      Début

Tony Maher                              433      417                  850

Tom Major                               358      366                  724

Terry Riddick                           451      466                  917

Max Room                                422      428                  850


Team Manager