Essex Indoor Championships 2009

My thanks to Iris Major for these photogrpahs taken at the awards ceremony at the Essex Indoor Championships. RM 

Junior Gentleman Compound Champion - Anthony Christian of Albemarle

Junior Lady Recurve Champion - Jody Barnes of Priory 


Lady Compound Champion - Pat Spragg of Oakfield

 Gentleman Recurve Champion - Trophy accepted on behalf of Richard Wilkins of Deben

1st Recurve Team - Mayflower
Team: Matt Webb, Wendie Stevens, Alex Purser, Nigel Norris.
Lady Paramount - Marion Saville
Organiser, Mick Pearce, presents the County's gift in appreciation.
Judges - Graham Sibley, Alan Harding and Tony Ikel.  I am sure we all appreciate their cheerful
dedication during a very long day for them.  Thanks, and nice work chaps!

This next group of photos are without comment as I do not know what they are.

For instance, if the trophy in the photo below is for the 1st married couple (and
I don't know if it is), but I do know that Mr. & Mrs. Peter Dent of West Essex
came 1st and this is Malcolm Jones accepting it.
Here again, I really don't know who Alex was accepting this for but I guess it is for
a Mayflower member.  If you know, please feel free to comment. (What a very cheerful lad he is!)
Iris Major