ECAA Target Championships - Iris Major

I was very disappointed that, due to my current incapacity, I was unable to attend the ECAA Adult Championships last Sunday and fulfil the pleasurable role of Lady Paramount. Tom took along my awards and I would like to thank Agnes for standing in for me, and for the lovely card she organised with two sheets of archers’ signatures.

During the day three of my very thoughtful friends put their heads together and decided to arrange a delivery of flowers on behalf of the ECAA.

I would like to thank you all for your kindness.  Above is a photograph of the beautiful floral arrangement which was delivered to me on the following Monday morning, very much to my surprise I might add.  Since the photograph was taken the Lilies have opened up to a “bread and butter plate” size with a delightful perfume.

Laurence Easton (Adult Tournament Organiser), the judges and the working party deserve our thanks for all their efforts and, at this opportunity, why don’t I include Andy Reeves for all his work organising the Junior Championships on Saturday?  Well done to everyone.

I send my warmest wishes to you all – Iris Major