Chris Bushell is presented the Red Tassle award

It was my priviledge to present 'The Red Tassel' to Chris Bushell at the ECAA Field Championships today (4th October) in the presence of his peers.    Click here for a historic list of the awards made

Marlene Hutchins 


A word of thanks from Chris

I would just like to thank all involved for the Red Tassel awarded to me at the Essex Field Championships. This really is a great honour and one which was totally unexpected. I actually felt my jaw drop physically when Marlene announced my name! 

Essex is a great County for archery, and I have always felt myself lucky to have discovered the sport here. After 31 years I still get a kick from shooting which I don't get from anything else, and like a lot of us I like to put a little bit back into a sport from which I get so much pleasure. It is very special to be recognised for that effort in this very special way.
My thanks again

Chris Bushell