Affiliation Fees 2009/2010

Will you please note that following the decisions at the GNAS Annual Meeting, of the 19th April, 2009, GNAS Affiliation Fees with effect from the 1ST MAY,2009, to 30th  SEPTEMBER,2010,mwill be as follows:


                                    GNAS   SCAS   ESSEX      Total


Senior Club Member       35.00    1.50    3 .00       39.50

Junior Club Member       21.00    1.00     1.50       23.50

Junior Club                    50.00    5.00     5.00       60.00 (EnBloc)

Schools Club                  50.00    5.00     5.00       60.00 (EnBloc)

University Club            110.00   10.00   10.00      130.00 (EnBloc)

Disability Club               Free     Free       Free


Direct Member (Senior)    43.00   4.00    5.00     Payable to each Society

Direct Member (Junior)     42.00   4.00    5.00    Payable to each Society



EXISTING AFFILIATED MEMBERS who rejoin between the 1st May,2009 and 30th September,

2009, will need to re-affiliate on the 1st October,2009.


NEW MEMBERS who join between the 1st May ,2009 and the 30th September,2009, will

carry their affiliation over to the 30th September,2010.


JUNIOR MEMBERS    Clubs who run Junior Sections are requested to put any new Junior

Members on a separate affiliation form and not mix them in with the parent Senior Club.



Cheques should be made payable to The Essex County Archery Association and returned

to the COUNTY SECRETARY, G.J. Sibley, 1 Theobalds Avenue, Grays, Essex RM 18 7 SA,

directly after the 30th September, of the affiliation year.


G.J.S  20thApril,2009