West Essex Bowmen - Charity Shoot for Essex Air Ambulance

On April 6th 2008 a charity event was to take place to raise funds for the Essex air ambulance. After many months of organizing the day did finally arrive bringing with it 8”of snow. Some 60 archers turned out for the day and were ready to shoot but due to health and safety regulations the day was deemed to hazardous to shoot and therefore cancelled. However a day did appear in the archery calendar and so the event would take place on the 29th June 2008.


This day did arrive as did the archers this time again about 60, the day started early with sausage and bacon rolls available to buy, the field was marked out and the targets put up. By 09:30hrs we were ready for the off. The first whistle was blown and the shoot started. The archers were shooting a double F.I.T.A 720 this is 6 dozen arrows shot at 70meters 6 arrows at a time, in a time limit of 4 minutes. By 1300hrs the first 6 dozen was done and time for lunch, but to be ready to start the next 6 dozen by 1400hrs. During the lunch break raffle tickets were sold and the secret sealed bid auction started to take place.


1400hrs on the dot the whistle blew and it was time to start shooting again. Still the sausage and bacon were selling as was the tea and coffee. At around 1730hrs the whistle blew for the final time and a big sigh of relief went up. (I’ve never seen so many physically and mentally tired people in one place at any one time.) Once every was packed away it was time for the raffle. This contained donations from club members’ friends and companies such as ASDA, MORRISIONS, IKEA, and FORTNUM AND MASON to name a few. This went down really well then to the sealed bids this had prizes like a 19”lcd TV with freeveiw, a lawn mower, a toaster, 2 half cases of wine and others.

                                                                                                                                                         Once all the scores were totalled it was time for the prize giving (all trophies and medals and judges gifts were kindly donated by mark cosgrove of   Independent asbestos removal). The last job of the day was to present our lord paramount of the day with a cheque. He was Alan Gladwin who was rescued by the air ambulance in 2006; he is the reason for the shoot. Once all the money was totalled, from entry donations, personal donations, food and drink, raffle, sealed bid auction and a guess the pennies jar we presented him with a cheque for £ 1,038 .00.


Even after the event had finished I still received donations from archers who could not make the day therefore we presented the Essex air ambulance with a final cheque to the value of;




I would like to thank all the archers for their support on the day and back in April, as well as everyone who helped out on both days. The day was well enjoyed and hopefully you will all come and support the air ambulance and us again next year.




Paul Tolson (West Essex Bowmen)