SCAS FITA & Metrics Tournament - 19th July 2008

After 18 months planning, Colchester and District Archery Club hosted the Southern Counties Archery Societies Junior World Record Status FITA and UK record Status metric tournament at their Mill Road shooting ground on Saturday 19th July.


50 junior archers from all over the south of England took part. History was made in the respect that this was the first ever-metric tournament hosted by Southern Counties Archery Society.


The archer’s shot and number of different rounds, the common thread was that they all shot three-dozen arrows at four different  distance. The longest distance being 90metres and the shortest being 10metres. Under international rules, the ends were controlled by a traffic light system. At the two longest distances, archers would shoot six arrows in a time end of four minutes. Where as the shorter two distances, each archer would shoot an end of three arrows in two minutes.


The weather was very kind to the working party, as work started work at 6a.m. to lay the targets and cables, followed by the judge’s tents.


Competitors started arriving at 8o’clock, with the first of the judge’s inspection of the ground layout. A few minor changes were made and at 9o’clock practice got underway.


The tournament got underway at 10 O’clock, and so did the wind and the rain, but the rain soon moved towards the coast, but the wind remained. Come 12.30, the two longest distances were completed and the working party ran into action, moving targets and changing the target faces.


Colchester and District Archery Club refreshed the judge’s and VIP, whilst the archers tucked into the cakes also provided by the club. Ready to go again, shooting commenced at 1.45 p.m. things slowing down, as end of three arrows were shoot.


By 4.30 in the afternoon all arrows were shot. Through out the day, after every dozen arrows shot, “runner”, Callum Sherriff and Will Kearse, collected the score for the dozen and the running total. These scores were then entered into an electronic scoring system as well a back up manual score-

board, which was maintained by Mrs. Barbara Knight, any errors were rectified. This is part of the international rules, so that archer ‘s can see which position they are in through out the tournament.


Just after 5p.m. the results had been reconciled and agreed and the presentation took place. Mr. John Wilson from the Grand National Archery Society presented the trophies and medals along with Mrs. Barbara Knight who was the Lady paramount for the day.


The trophy winners were:


Gents FITA Recurve

Luke Willett

Ladies FITA Recurve

Sophie Meering

Gents Cadet FITA Recurve

Robert Button

Ladies Cadet FITA Recurve

Rebecca Willson



Three FITA stars were claimed along with 27 English Archery awards.


It was a great day, and the hard work by the club played off. The Range layout was commended by the International FITA Judge, Mr. Neil Dimmock as “outstanding, and which club should inspired too”, this is down to grounds man at Mill road.


Photographs      Results


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